This is what happens, boys and girls…

… when you don’t watch your taco shells as they warm in the toaster oven.

IMGP3411 Good thing Big Girl is so observant!

She was helping SuperMan get dinner on the table Friday night – we were having tacos and fajitas and he was busy finishing up dinner on the stove.

All of a sudden, Big Girl shouts, “Flames, Daddy, flames!!”

I came running and threw open the front door. (not to run away, mind you)

SuperMan carried the (burning) toaster oven out to the front porch.

The shells were toast – literally.

As was the toaster oven.

Thankfully, nothing else was harmed, the fire was contained to the inside of the toaster oven, and we had more taco shells (I know you wondered) for dinner.

Never a dull moment around here, I tell you.

6 thoughts on “This is what happens, boys and girls…

  1. Hero badge for Big Girl, for being observant; hero badge for Mom for quickly opening the door; not sure about hero badge for Dad… was it his fault in the first place? But then, he was quick to run outside with the oven and save a bigger disaster… I think you should give him the benefit of the doubt….
    Glad there were spare taco shells anyway! and that no-one was hurt.
    Is it too early to write to Santa for a new toaster oven?
    These little incidents prevent life from being boring anyway!


  2. I had a toaster oven catch fire several years ago. It turns out, you’re supposed to clean the crumb tray. Who knew? Well, I knew, but I never bothered. 😉 Glad everyone was okay.


  3. Big Girl MOST DEFINITELY gets the hero badge. She is the only one with the presence of mind to get the fire extinguisher, too. Good thing she has a good head on her shoulders.


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