Menu Plan Monday ~ 28 Feb


March is almost here – and we’re supposed to have some pretty big storms tonight. Wonder if the old phrase “in like a Lion, out like a Lamb” will be true for us? I think we could use the rain, but I am hoping we don’t have any severe weather and that no one suffers any major damage – I’ve seen tornados from the same weather front on the news this morning. Fingers are crossed we escape that.

As I sit here and type this, I’m enjoying the last of the homemade blueberry-lemon scones I made this weekend. They were some of the best scones I think I’ve ever had. Moist, fluffy and so, so good. I’ll post a recipe later this week, so keep watching for it. And then run out to get the ingredients so you can make them for your family next weekend. They will love you for it.

This past weekend was the weekend for making new recipes – We also made a chicken lettuce wrap recipe for dinner on Saturday and chicken & spinach stuffed shells for dinner on Sunday.  I’ll post all the recipes in the next few weeks. They were awesome, even though the lettuce wraps were a lot of work to make.

This week is a short week for cooking for me – we’re headed to the grandparents’ for the weekend so I will help cook down there, but there is nothing specific planned. After all the cooking we did this past weekend, it’ll be a nice break.


Here’s what I have planned so far for the week:

  • Monday: Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken (this is a new recipe – if we like it, I’ll share it on the blog soon) Saffron rice, veggies
  • Tuesday: Beef with egg noodles & gravy
  • Wednesday: leftovers
  • Thursday: Sandwiches and leftover chicken wraps


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