Thank you

I’ve been blogging for about three and a half years now… Most of that time I figured I was just “talking” to myself… I didn’t think (or care, originally) that anyone was “listening.”

It was more about getting all this conversation that goes on in my head all day OUT of my head and SOMEWHERE other than my head.

But it’s grown into so much more than that.

I’ve “met” some wonderful fellow bloggers and scrapbookers.

I’ve heard from you as you’ve de-lurked to comment on posts – or to tell me in person how much you enjoy reading my ramblings.

And I’m touched and thrilled that you actually LIKE me!
(I sound like Sally Field now, don’t I?)

I have been really enjoying your comments and interactions (PLEASE don’t stop!) and I finally feel like I’m not just talking to myself like a crazy person.

So, I wanted to THANK YOU for reading my silly words and for sharing my life.

I hope I continue to keep you (relatively) entertained in the future.

I’d love to know what you like (and don’t) about my blog so that I can continue to learn, grow and make it better.

And I’d love it if you keep coming back for more (and commenting!)

Thank you.

From the bottom of my silly little heart.

3 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. No, not silly… I like coming to your blog – its a really lovely blog and has such great posts! I like how you share about your family life – the good bits and the less good; I like to see your fabby photographs and the scrapbooking you manage to squeeze in now and then (I also have a challenge with scrapping time!); I like how you’re thoughtful, kind and generous – like that lovely poster you set up for us to copy – and how you share stuff with us and let us know more about you; I like the occasional recipe or other extra bits.
    It may be your own “journal space”, but I like that you share it with us and we feel welcome. Keep up the good work, Lois and we’ll keep coming back for more!
    Bless You!


  2. Of course, we will keep coming! Lovely to be welcomed into your life and family and have a glimpse of how life is for you. And how nice to be thanked! Here’s to the next three and a half years :).


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