Saturday Silliness

comic strip

One of my “resolutions” – which I don’t make – is to be more active this year. Yoga is on my list. As is walking (maybe even *gasp* running) and finding more ways to move my body.

What about you?

6 thoughts on “Saturday Silliness

  1. That cartoon so made me laugh! Wonderful! I may have to put it up in my studio.
    I want to do more physical exercise this year too. I had been walking almost every day and was getting fitter, losing weight/flab and feeling much better for it. Then September hit… everything has been chaotic since then and I am really feeling the lack of exercise now.
    Thank you for the inspiration – I will join you in your “resolution” to do more. I will start walking again this week (even if it’s raining!).


  2. I’ve been doing more walking, right now on the treadmill with the cold weather but I would love to have a part time walking buddy up at Central Park-I forget where in the county you are-it’s always nicer to have a walking buddy!


  3. I know… wouldn’t it be great if we got the benefits of the exercise simply through the “it’s the thought that counts” rule? I would be a marathon runner by now if that were true!


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