Doodle Doodle Doodle

Every time I say the word “doodle” I think about the new Blue’s Clues show with that stupid doodle board – they’d say “a Doodle doodle doodle, a doodle doodle doodle” every time they’d draw something and then it would be stuck in my head all stinkin’ day long…

And now I’m singin’ that same tune all over again.

Except this time I’m happy to be doing so.

I’ve signed up for an online class: Doodle 101 and I can’t wait to get started.


You’re wondering why anyone would sign up for a class to teach you how to doodle?

Well, if you saw some of my doodles you would understand. I am not artistic in the least when it comes to freehand drawing. That is SuperMan and Big Girl’s department, not mine.  They are great at it. Terrific, even.


I have trouble because I want it all to be perfect, immediately. And it’s not. And I get frustrated.

Stephanie talks in the opening materials of the class about how creating a perfect doodle is, by definition, complete and yet carefree.

THAT, my friends, is what I hope to learn.

So, want to join me? Hop on over to sign up!

a doodle doodle doodle…. a doodle doodle doodle….

One thought on “Doodle Doodle Doodle

  1. Ah Lois, but isn’t the definition of a doodle, something like “a vague and woolly sort of drawing that you do to express yourself” – or something? I didn’t think a doodle had to be anything at all… just a few lines that you enjoy putting on the paper.
    But no, of course My doodles are not like that… they are very controlled and organised and … um… yes, I also like them to be “perfect”!
    Good luck with that course lol!


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