Fruits of the Spirit

One of the things we talked about at the retreat I was at this past weekend were the Fruits of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22.

I wanted to create something to keep these foremost in my mind so that I would not forget what I learned.

I created this:

Girl Scouts - Page 002

I thought some of you might like a copy – so I put it on Flickr and you can download a copy and print it for yourself. I am putting mine in a 5×7 frame.

2 thoughts on “Fruits of the Spirit

  1. This is very kind of you – it’s a beautiful Inspiration picture. I would like a copy… but I can’t get Flikr to let me copy it. It says it’s copyrighted and won’t allow me to save a copy (I’m not that clever at these things… unlike someone who I could mention..(Lois)!) Help?


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