Menu Plan Monday ~ 15 November

It’s a dreary, rainy day here in North Georgia. The kind of day where you want to crawl back in bed and pretend that you’re a bear hibernating until Spring arrives.  It was very hard to get myself going this morning, made even harder by the arrival of SuperMan – back home at 7AM after getting rained out for work today.  While it is super nice to have him home with me, it makes me want to play hookey from work and from life.  He’s a tempting distraction, I tell you.

Big Girl is feeling a little better and I’m pumping her (and me) full of vitamins to make sure that the virus she has been fighting finally loses the battle. She is back to school as the fever is gone (thank goodness) so I think we are making progress.

Here’s what’s planned in our little home for meals this week. It’s comfort-food, mostly, especially today and tomorrow as we’re supposed to be rainy and cool both days.Thanksgiving

I won’t have MPM next week as it’s the holiday week and the girls and I are headed to see my mom for a few days.  We’ll be indulging in her cooking and some local food favorites (like fresh shrimp) while we’re there. Oh, and, of course, the obligatory turkey dinner on Thursday.

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday ~ 15 November

  1. Your weather sounds like ours – cool and bleak! Love your warming menu and glad you are all recovering. Did you get anything done with Superman in tow?


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