a milestone

2010 Family Album - Page 037

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be 100 pounds lighter, healthier, and happier, I would never have believed them. Losing 100 pounds seemed like an impossible dream, and health and happiness, well, I thought I had those – even though I had no idea just how much I had to gain. So here I am nine months post surgery and feeling like a totally new person. I am learning to love my "new" self and to treat myself with kindness and respect and not disinterest and neglect. It's amazing the changes you go through as you shed the weight. It's not just body fat you lose.

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4 thoughts on “a milestone

  1. Many, many congratulations, Lois! A wonderful achievement that will have taken lots of sheer determination and and will-power. You look radiant, and deservedly so! I am sure this will be an inspiration to many.


  2. One hundred pounds lost certainly is a milestone! Congratulations on the “new you” – especially on the improvements in your feelings of health, self-esteem and welfare. You’re right – losing weight is about more than just those pounds. Well done you!


  3. Thanks, ladies. It is almost hard for me to believe, but every time I pick up an old piece of clothing it takes me back to that girl a year ago – I’m so glad she had the courage to make some changes.


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