What a weekend

We had a whirlwind weekend.  SuperMan’s 25th high school reunion was this past weekend.  We zipped down to Savannah for the reunion and picked up a bunch of furniture from my mom’s house while we were there.  They are downsizing and shared some furniture with us.  Now, I have to figure out where to put it! The good thing is that the girls now both have “new” bedroom sets.  They are very excited about it and I’m excited that we’ll have enough space to store their clothes properly.  Maybe now Big Girl will actually put her clothes away? (one can hope)

We also saw SuperMan’s sisters & their kids on Saturday at the reunion picnic.  It was great to see them and I can’t believe how big the kids are – they are practically adults.  Which is very strange to me because I remember the oldest being just a few months old at our wedding.  They are all growing up into such lovely people, though.

While we were at the picnic, the big kids took my “little” kids to the playground. It was so strange to see Big Girl walking with her oldest cousin. From the distance (and without my glasses) it looked like me walking with SuperMan’s oldest sister – as if I was looking at a flashback in time.  Wow.  Really?

And then, my heart just about burst watching Little Bit walking hand-in-hand with her big strapping cousin, looking up at him as if she was absolutely certain that nothing bad could happen to her as long as he was with her.  Which, in itself is a miracle, because Little Bit is a little bit intimidated by big, tall, strong, male cousins.  She is afraid and attracted all at the same time.

I’m in recovery mode today. 

My body is calling me all sorts of dirty words for making it haul furniture around yesterday. 

My mind is swarming and swimming with all the things I need to accomplish before the monkeys get out of school. 

And the rain is falling down outside, singing softly to me about naps, blankets, tea, and snuggling on the sofa with a book.

But, it is not to be for me.  I have way too many things to accomplish before that school bell rings today.

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