You aren’t going to believe this

But I actually scrapbooked this past weekend!

I know!

Big shock!

I haven’t done it in months and months.  I had grand plans at the beginning of summer but they were washed away in a sea of other activities.

My girlfriend came over Saturday night and we hid out in the basement and scrapped and caught up on each other’s lives.  It was so great. I really miss that time with my friends and the creative time.

I’m hoping I get to do more of that this fall once we get the school and activity schedules nailed down.

I have been challenging myself to do two things:

  • Work only from my stash. No shopping trips allowed.
  • Use some of the many inspiration page layouts I have filed away.

Here are some of the pages I worked on: (along with their inspiration pages)

IMGP3093Here is the inspiration page:

scrap inspiration4  IMGP3095I need to go back and add my journaling to this one. I want to list all the books I’ve read this summer.

And the inspiration page:

scrap inspiration2 IMGP3096

Again, needs more journaling. The medicine I’m taking is making me a bit loopy, so I decided to wait and write when my head was more clear. 

Inspiration page:

scrap inspiration3

This was my own invention. 🙂 IMGP3097This two-page spread I tried just fiddling with some of the design principles I’ve learned in the past few classes I’ve taken.    IMGP3098 IMGP3099

This one is still a work in progress. Nothing is even glued down yet, but I love how it’s going so far.


Here is the inspiration page:

scrap inspiration5

I can’t believe all these pictures are from LAST YEAR at this same time! The girls have grown so much.  I’ll have new first-day-of-school pictures tomorrow that will quickly go in my pile to scrap.


One thought on “You aren’t going to believe this

  1. I love this. I wish I had chronicled more of my boys lives as it was happening. Mostly I’m making cards now and not doing much for scrapping.


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