Menu Plan Monday – 1 Aug

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend. I sure did. What was planned as a quick day-off-work trip for the girls and me to Chattanooga’s Tennessee Aquarium turned into an overnight getaway with the entire family.  We had so much fun, in spite of the heat, and really enjoyed being together as a family one more time before school starts.

I’ll share more on that trip (and pictures) later this week.  Right now, I want to share with you my Menu Plan for the week.  If you were here last week you’ll know I am starting to get my family back on track (after our lazy summer eating habits) and planning menus for a week’s worth of meals.

menu plan monday

After church yesterday we made a quick trip to Publix (love that place) and picked up the few items we needed for the menu this week.  I let the girls help me decide on some of the dinners (and SuperMan, too).  Monday night we’re having sleepovers (we have friends w/ two daughters the same age as ours – we’re swapping one kid for the night so each set of girls gets to hang out with their friend with no big/little sisters to harass them) so, that night we are doing frozen pizzas for the kids and the grownups will do leftover baked potato and salad.

Here’s what we’re having:

  • BBQ Pork – I cook a huge pork roast in the crock pot. Little Bit likes it plain. The rest of us eat it w/BBQ sauce. I will take the juices and add some water and make a big pot of “sticky rice” to go with it. Yummy.
  • Grilled Chicken & veggies – Publix had boneless, skinless thighs on sale. I got a pack and they are marinating right now in my secret marinade. (I’ll have to post that one day)  I’m planning to cook that broccoli recipe for this one and probably some more grilled corn. (love that stuff)
  • Stuffed Pork Chops w/ veggies
  • Low Country Boil

I probably need one more dinner, but I’m sure I’ll be at the store later this week. I’ve got to get school lunch goodies, so I will probably pick up whatever is on sale for Fri/Sat/Sun dinners then. I also have a couple things that I didn't cook last week (because of our little impromptu trip) that I can use as well.

What are your plans for the week? Link up with us over on

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – 1 Aug

  1. I’m working on this week’s menu as I write this. And I’m always curious as to what other people are having for dinner! 🙂 It all looks good!
    I stopped by after reading a comment you left on The Lady Blogger’s FB page! 😉


  2. I think it is my somewhat-obsessive, perfectionist (that lives inside me) that won’t let me give in to the FlyLady process. I can’t just do a room and then walk away the next week to do the next room. I want it perfect, NOW!


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