What’s in Your Purse?

I admit it.

I am a purse-aholic.

Actually, I’m such a purse-aholic I’m surprised I’ve never done a purse-focused post before.

It’s not as bad as it used to be… before kids I had over 100 purses. All of them nice, good quality purses.

Now, I have less than a quarter of that.  I’ve consciously pared down my stash over the last ten years.

Before kids, my purses were cute little things with lots of leather and stylish lines.  They were on the smallish side.  I only needed my wallet, keys, lipstick and maybe a few other little things. (way back before we carried all these electronic gizmos with us everywhere we went)

Now, my handbags now tend to really hover somewhere between tote bag, ginormous sack, and the “shopper’s tote” genres. Rather than being made of leather (which would be really heavy in a bigger bag) they tend to be made of lightweight fabric or some fabric/leather concoction. 

Vera Bradley has held my heart for a while now, although I am growing tired of the eye-popping patterns and longing for more solid-color, sedate bags these days (am I getting old?!?)Bucket Tote

The VB Bucket Tote is one of my favorites… but they have discontinued it, I think. (sigh)

I loved the fact that it had an outside pocket (which zipped) and four inside pockets (one zip, three open) that I could stash things in. It leaves the entire middle of the purse for your wallet and other goodies that the kids drop in – and yet you have easy access to glasses, pens, keys, phone, etc.

And the list of what I carry inside the bag has grown exponentially, too.

Now, on my list of absolute must-haves in the handbag:

  • two or three tubes of lipstick (one neutral, one red, one more coppery)
  • chapstick
  • asthma inhaler
  • powder compact (this one sometimes gets left out)
  • wallet
  • cell phone
  • iPod touch (if we’re going to be in the car for a long time)
  • Nook (ditto)
  • earphones
  • my badge for work (only because I was actually IN an office last week, not a normal thing)
  • eyeglasses, sunglasses
  • fingernail files
  • lotion (two, apparently)
  • Kleenex
  • Splenda (since I am picky about my sweeteners nowadays)
  • Moleskine notebook & pen
  • hand sanitizer (at least one)
  • hairbrush & a few barrettes or pony tail holders
  • various mail, receipts, and pieces of paper with lists on them
  • and whatever other garbage the kids drop in – today it’s an MP3 player and a couple Polly Pockets

IMGP2918For a lot of my bigger bags I use a cute little purse organizer I bought a long time ago. I like it because it has a lot of pockets (which is one of the things I like about the Vera Bradley purses) and I can drop it into any bag and everything stays organized.

back of insert

My latest purse I bought at Cracker Barrel, of all places. My shopping snobbishness has certainly gone downhill these days.  Although, I haven’t really seen any nice purses in the department stores that I liked and I was thrilled to find one that I thought was cute even if it was at Cracker Barrel.

But it’s so cute, isn’t it?


(sorry for the crooked shot – just realized it as I pasted it into the post) 

I like it because it will hold everything (and then some) and it looks nice and somewhat put-together even though I’m carrying everything except the kitchen sink inside.

So, spill it… what do you carry in your purse?

Oh, and here's a link to another fellow blogger Lipglossed Mom, with her 8 essential items for her purse. 

12 thoughts on “What’s in Your Purse?

  1. Holy cow, I need a lie down and a rest just looking at that list. I too have noted the increase in items I cannot leave the house without since the arrival of the munchkin. And somehow I always don’t have something that is essential so it gets added for next time.
    In some ways I am lucky I know I am unable to go all out and get a truly ginormous handbag due to all the stupid things I did as a teenager and destroyed my back and neck. I some how survive with a pared down version.?


  2. 🙂 You think I have a lot? I am one of those “always prepared” folks and it makes me nuts when I need something and don’t have it. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I don’t usually have to carry my purse very far – just to the grocery store or somewhere like that – and I don’t notice how heavy it gets.


  3. LOL – I can SO relate with you!!! However, due to a neck injury (double whip-lash from a car accident) a few years ago – I had to stop carrying so much stuff! AND, I have limited myself to lightweight purses/totes only – which I find difficult to find cute ones these days.


  4. Hey, great minds DO think alike! 😉 I wish I was organized enough to think about what goes in my purse, I just throw things in as I need them. Clearly I never take things out! I have removed some of the bandaids since I wrote this post, http://bit.ly/bY0LPy
    my first visit to your blog, it’s lovely!


  5. I’m just now catching up with everything from the past week but I’m LOVING this entry! I’m really glad you shared your own purse with us. Very cute!


  6. Love the Cracker Barrel purse. It caught my eye even before I saw where you bought it. The turquiose color is great! I’ve never had a thing for purses… just functionality. I love the ones I see in the stores though but I’m afraid if I started down that road I wouldn’t be able to get off it. I’m due for a cute purse though. Any suggestions for a fun and flirty purse for Summer?


  7. I think turquoise is still a good color this year – I’m carrying a different turquoise bag this year, but I gravitated to that bright color again for my spring bag. Let me know what you choose!


  8. love your article! I saw the same purse in Pink at cracker barrel recently – any way you could tell me what brand it is or anything about it? I hate that I didn’t get it while I was there and now I can’t find it online. I’m waiting on a response from the restaurant


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