The Bachelorette: I just can’t seem to care

I don’t know if it is because my life is so busy right now, or because there are so many blogs with “spoilers” out there or what, but I just can’t seem to care about the Bachelorette this summer. I have TiVo’ed all the episodes and I’m about three weeks behind… and I could care less.

I have been reading Chris Harrison’s weekly recap on Entertainment Weekly, Reality Steve’s snarky posts on his website, and that is about it… but that is more than enough for me.

Did you see this week’s episode?  The one where Frank decides that he’s outta there and heads back home to his one-true-love?


I think they are overdoing it a bit this season with all the drama.  It’s like they have taken all the past seasons, pulled out the parts that had the highest ratings and tried to put them all into this season.  And what has resulted is something that looks even more comic-book-ish than the Bachelor/ette usually is… which is pretty bad, because it’s usually so over the top any way.

I’m wondering how many more seasons we’ll see of this franchise.  Seems like everyone is getting jaded – and the participants all seem more interested in their 15 minutes of fame than in “finding true love.”  I mean, I’m sure that is what it has been about from the beginning, but I believed the storyline more way back when.

Are they getting worse with the storylines or are we all just jaded?

4 thoughts on “The Bachelorette: I just can’t seem to care

  1. Me either.. I thought maybe I would watch it on hulu but I have way to many things I would rather do. Napping even sounds better.
    i have not been a huge Bachelorette/ bachelor fan since oh I think her name was Jenny Fabulous.. or something like that! I have been called Jeanie Fabulous since then and that’s how I came up with one of my logo ideas of the high heels and soccer ball.
    Anyhow.. I hope your 31DBBB Challenge is going well for you. I will take a look at your list post tomorrow when it is ready.
    Blessings & Giggles to you and yours,
    Jeanie (
    aka Soccer Mom in Giggle Town


  2. Jeanie, just visited your blog. LOVE it.
    I have been an off/on Bachelor/ette fan but got hooked on the last three or four seasons… and now I seem to be equally un-hooked. I think they either should start with some new blood or quit. It’s starting to resemble a soap opera.


  3. I’ve been watching – which I normally do not. But to be honest, it’s like everything else on television or movie theater anymore. If something makes it big or creates interest due to the drama – then they drown us in the SAME STUFF!!!
    It’s kind of like the big hit with the Twilight Saga. Now, every new show you see has vampires in it – give me a break!!


  4. Yes, I noticed that every network seems to want to hitch their wagon to the vampire theme train. Why not come up with something original that no one else has and surprise us all?


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