I’m back!

Hello to all of you!

After a whirlwind weekend, I'm back at home, back at work, and back to blogging.

Big Girl is now "officially" nine and we celebrated in style with a low-country boil at her grandparents’ house. It was freezing cold, raining, wet and miserable, but we had a marvelous time.  Her birthday was capped off by a light dusting of snow on Friday night (after we all went to bed, of course).  That, in and of itself, was pretty special – I can’t remember it snowing in south Georgia since I was in college (which is longer ago that I am going to tell you!)

In case you were wondering, a low country boil is sausage (usually polska), corn, potatoes, and shrimp all boiled together (in stages so you don’t overcook the shrimp) with some crab boil seasoning and Old Bay.  We love it and usually find any excuse we can to fix it while we are visiting Mom’s.  SuperMan and PopPop love the leftovers as shrimp salad, potato salad and fried up with eggs for breakfast. I usually have enough on the first go-round that I don’t have any leftovers.  I’m also finding that the Old Bay seasoning doesn’t do well with my allergies and it’s not worth having swollen lips and a sore mouth just to get some seafood. But I usually suffer long enough to get at least one helping!

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful but cold days and we spent most of the day hanging out with the grandparents.

IMGP2053I love this picture of Mom and the girls together.

I managed to sneak a visit to a local yarn shop – Unwind Yarn & Gifts.  The ladies were so welcoming and helpful. I just reveled in walking around and touching everything! They had some really nice yarns.

I bought a beautiful blue alpaca and bamboo blend that I am planning to make into a scarf


I also couldn’t help but indulge in some gorgeous, iridescent bamboo yarn. I am not sure when I will knit with it – it was a little pricey  and now I am a little afraid to mess it up with my amateur knitting skills! I’d love to do a lacey scarf with it.  Hmmm… maybe in a few months.


Sunday night we treated ourselves to a dinner at Spanky’s Saloon. It’s an institution that we have been frequenting since our high school days and a must-visit when we head home.  We enjoyed the fried shrimp, chicken fingers and spuds and SuperMan had some fried veggies. It was more fried food than I have had in forever but it was so good!

Monday I spent the afternoon with Mom and SuperMan and the girls went to spend the day with his family. One of our nephews' birthday was on Tuesday so they had a combined birthday celebration/cookout for the birthday kids.  Mom and I enjoyed hanging out and did a little shopping after we split a scrumptious quesadilla at the local Mexican joint.

After our shopping we went back home and she finished some sewing projects that I needed help with (I can do most anything, but I cannot sew!!) and just relaxed while we waited for the girlies and SuperMan to come home.

Tuesday was a quick trip to the hairdresser’s for the girls and me and a very long ride home. Yes, I still drive hours and hours to the hair salon I used to frequent when I lived down south. I can’t find anyone in the big city that I like as well and trusting your hairdresser enough to just walk in, sit down, and know that when you leave an hour or so later you are going to look fabulous is just priceless!

Little Princess did not like my haircut! She kept asking Ms.Scissors when she was going to be finished and informed her that she did not like what she had done with my hair! (hee hee) I now have BANGS! and apparently, Little Princess does not think Mommy is the bang-y type. I am still getting used to them – I see a stranger every time I look in the mirror – but I like them. I wanted something different and perkier and I got it!

I had some help with my Project Life photo taking this weekend, so after I round up all the pictures from the various cameras, I’ll post them here.

Lots going on in the next week – I hope to share some of it with you soon.

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