Traffic Ninjas

I’m taking a little hiatus for a couple of days while I’m spending some downtime with my family to celebrate Big Girl’s birthday.  While I’m gone, I thought I’d share some old posts with you –

This one is from 2008 – back in the days when I was carpooling and fighting traffic daily.

Today, I was driving to work, chatting away with my carpool buddy (thank God for someone to talk to at 6AM or else I'd be sleep-driving!)

Anyway, we're talking about how to solve all the world's problems and I realize I'm in the wrong lane for the tollbooth. j0442354

So, as I'm trying to merge across 5 lanes of traffic (Yes, I was REALLY in the wrong lane) nobody will let me over!

What is up, people?  I just need to get over, not cause an accident!

I am amazed at this.

Why is it that people seem to view the stretch of the road they are driving on as THEIRS and are so unwilling to cede any territory? Do they realize that this "territory" is literally disappearing under their tires as they drive? Or that it is being claimed by someone in front of and behind them as well? When did we lose our manners when we drive?

Now, driving is a competitive sport where the one to reach the "finish" wins and everyone else is a loser. And, we all know we don't want to be the loser. So, we race along the highway, fighting for every inch of space and pushing slower drivers out of our way. Driving has become about achieving a goal – getting somewhere as fast as possible.

It makes me want to stop and take a minute to remember by-gone days when families would go for Sunday drives… driving just for the sake of driving. No destination or purpose in mind… I remember many Sundays being spent with my families along back roads and country lanes, gazing out at pastures of cows and fields of cotton and wondering where the next stop would be and what we'd see.

Alas, those days are gone. Now, my kids think Sunday drives are "boring" and want to know if they can take their Game Boys or watch a movie on the DVD in the car. I know that this is partly my fault, because these distractions are a blessing when we're on a long road trip, but I want my girls to learn to appreciate the leisurely Sunday drive as well.

And.. I want to teach my girls about having manners when you drive. I always remind myself that one car length is not going to make a noticeable difference in my commute time; one more person in front of me will not, most likely, make that much difference in when I arrive at the office. I gracefully let people merge, yielding my "territory" and being content to get there when I get there….

….at least that's what I tell myself.

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