Creative Memories Tip: Saving Page Template in StoryBook Creator Plus

I am so excited.  Creative Memories posted on their blog today about how to save individual .page files as templates so that you can share page templates with people.  If you have downloaded any of my recent template posts, you know it was not just a single file to download. 

With this new information, it should mean easier creation of template files.  Which is good for me, but even better for you!  That means I'll be posting more templates here in the future for you to use with StoryBook Creator Plus! (yay!)

Here's a template for you – just because I'm so happy about the new process! (just click on the link to download)

Templates - Page 011

And, here is a page I made with the template:

Family Album 2009 - Page 010

Note: The text boxes are in the template, they just don't show up on the JPG of the template for some reason.

Also, if you want the top right photo to have a rounded corner like mine does, you will need to flatten the image once you drop your photo in the frame. Then you can round the corners.

I must give credit for the inspiration, though, to Cathy Zielske's template on Designer Digitals. I love the clean lines she has in her designs! So, if you are not a StoryBook Creator Plus user, but you like this design, go get her template!

Oh, and if you like the paper and embellishments, it's all from DigiChick – Brown Eyed Girl.

4 thoughts on “Creative Memories Tip: Saving Page Template in StoryBook Creator Plus

  1. Thanks, Deana! It was a fun page to make. I have reused the template several times and you can’t even tell it’s the same layout – it is amazing how that happens when you change the photos/papers/colors.


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