Holidays in Hand

I'm participating in a free class offered by Jessica Sprague called Holidays in Hand.  It's about refocusing on what matters most during the holidays. I 've never taken a class of hers before, so I'm looking forward to seeing how things compare to other sites I've used. 

I'm also looking forward to doing some scrapbooking about the holidays this year. Usually, I am so busy with other things, I just take a hiatus from scrapbooking completely until after January 1st.  This means I have very few pictures from the past few years of Christmases.  I've been more focused on being "in the moment" than on taking pictures.  This is good, but I am noticing the gap in the family storybooks now.

So, I'm hoping this class will teach me how to balance both – being in the moment and capturing the family traditions that make this holiday season so special.

Our first assignment was to capture and document our holiday values and goals.  So, here's mine:


FamilyTogetherness – Happiness – Gratitude – Fun – FriendsFaith

(the alliteration was purely coincidental, but I like it!)

Goals for this holiday season:

  • Focus on the celebration of Christ's birth, not on the commercialization of Christmas
  • Focus on spending time with friends and family, not racing from one event to the other
  • Focus on relationships, people, and making memories, not things
  • Try to spend 20-30 minutes a day capturing my thoughts and memories while they are fresh
  • Take more pictures
  • Less focus on PERFECT, more focus on GOOD ENOUGH

What about you?

Have you ever given any thought to your goals for a holiday?  Share them with me in the comments section. I'd love to see what yours are.

2 thoughts on “Holidays in Hand

  1. My post today is also about Holidays in Hand. I don’t think you will be disappointed with this class. All of Jessica’s classes have been wonderful.


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