What? A Scrapbooking Post?

I know, I know… those of you who originally started following my blog to see scrapbooking related posts have probably gotten really disappointed in me lately… the scrapbooking has been rather absent.  As a matter of fact, if you’re still hanging around, I have a special message for you…

Thank you.

I know I have been rather lax in the scrapbooking department. But, I have no good excuses for you – Life just gets in the way sometimes, you know?

But, the good news is that I have two scrapbooking retreats this fall – one was this past weekend and one is in October.  I think I have found my scrapping mojo again – although it took me most of this past weekend to find it!

Here are a few pages I did over the weekend. For those of you who are Creative Memories software users, I’ll post some templates later in the week.

2010 Family Album - Page 018 2010 Family Album - Page 012 2010 Family Album - Page 013 2010 Family Album - Page 014 2010 Family Album - Page 015 2010 Family Album - Page 017 2010 Family Album - Page 016

Field Day

When I was a kid, Field Day was something I dreaded. It was sooo hot in South Georgia and the thought of being outside and being forced to participate in sports was the equivalent of being banished to Hell.  I used to try to come up with all sorts of reasons why I couldn’t go to school that day (none of which worked) and why I didn’t need to participate.  I was not athletic, competitive, coordinated, or heat-tolerant.  All of those things added up to making Field Day a miserable experience for me.

My girls, however, have not inherited those traits from me.  They, thank goodness, have a love of physical activity and seem to be relatively heat-proof.  So, Field Day for them this year was a great time. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that their school put on a fantastic event.  I have to hand it to those folks. You can tell that months went into planning the day. There were water events, track and field-type events, coordination challenges, relays… all sorts of things.  And there were eighty-bajillion volunteers.  Which, I am sure, is part of why things went so well.  Thank goodness for involved parents!

SuperMan was off of work so we were able to enjoy watching the girls in most of their events.  Here are some highlights:

 2010 Family Album - Page 006 2010 Family Album - Page 007  2010 Family Album - Page 0082010 Family Album - Page 009

Another Template for You

Ok, SBC+ ladies… I have a mid-week goodie for you.

I thought I would share another template I have made.

Here’s the template:


And a page I created with it:


The papers and embellishments are CM’s Vintage Digital Power Palette
(except for the button – can’t remember where I got it from)

You can download the template from here.

I hope you enjoy and I would really like to see some of your pages! Post a link to your blog in my comments section!

A goodie for you

I had a little time this weekend to create a couple of templates. I thought I would share with you.

Here is the template:


The embellishment is from Creative Memoires’ Digital Freebies page. Have you downloaded any of theirs? Some of them are really nice. I especially like the flourishes that you can find there.

And here is the page I created with the template:


The paper and snowflakes are from Jen Allyson’s blog.

If you haven’t checked out her new digital scrapbooking store, you should. Design House Digital, it’s called. There is some beautiful stuff out there. I go browsing and I just want it all!

So, here is the template, if you’d like to download it to play with. (it’s for StoryBook Creator 3.0)

I’d love to see what you do with the page!  Post a picture of your layout!

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

One of my favorite things about the holidays is not having to get up early – well, except for Christmas morning when the kids come bounding into the room at some ungodly hour, bouncing off the walls and onto the bed, insisting that we get up! get up! Santa’s come! get up!

Other than that exception, it is SO NICE to be able to sleep late.  This year, especially, since I have not been feeling that well.  Generally speaking, though, I am part bear and love to hibernate in the winter (heck, I love to sleep year round!).   

There is nothing nicer than nestling down in the warm, soft covers knowing that you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything until you want to.  The days leading up to Christmas are certainly not that way, but those precious days after Christmas are my favorites. Lazing around with only the things you want to being the things you have to do.  Chores can wait, cooking? who is cooking? leftovers, baby.  But the bestest part is the napping and sleeping in.

When the girls were smaller, they didn’t sleep past 6 AM or so.  Actually, until last year, that was the case. However, now they are sleeping (gasp!) until 7:30 or 8:00 (isn’t it sad that I am excited and consider that sleeping “late?”). And the best part is that their dad usually gets up with them (part of why he is my SuperMan) and lets me sleep even later.  (sigh)

I’m not looking forward to getting up at 5AM next week, but I’m sure enjoying my lazy days this week.


Coming out of the Haze

There is nothing quite like being sick during the holidays. After all the cooking, cleaning, baking, preparations and anticipation, my body simply decided it was done.  Quit. Finis. Full Stop. 

Thank goodness I have a very understanding, loving, and compassionate family.  SuperMan did most of the cooking (including our delicious Christmas Day dinner) and general taking care of things.  The girls were so well behaved (for the most part) and just played with their new toys and patted me on the arm as they went by.  Me? I spent most of Friday and Saturday either on the sofa or in my recliner in a snot-induced haze. Gross imagery, I know, but true.

I am finally starting to feel a little more like myself, although I think a trip to the doctor is still not out of the running. 

However, yesterday, SuperMan took the girls for an afternoon outing with friends. They went to see the new Alvin & the Chipmunks movie – The Squeaquel (I love that play on words!).  They had a great time and then MB went to spend the night at a friend’s house. They were supposed to be staying here, but we decided there were too many germs in our house so they moved the party.

While they were gone, I thought I would do a little reading or scrapbooking. Turned out, I got to do both.  I am reading Dan Brown’s new book: The Lost Symbol.  It is very engaging and from about page 50, I was hooked.  I have been carrying the book around under my arm everywhere I go in the house this weekend (from the couch to the recliner… from the recliner to the couch :-)  and reading every second I can.  Basically, it’s similar to the other Dan Brown books although this time it’s not focused on the Catholic Church – it’s about the Masons.  Pretty interesting.

Anyway, I also sat down to do some digital scrapbooking (my scrap table is covered in Christmas paper right now and I didn’t feel up to cleaning it off) only to find out that the new “patch” of the StoryBook Creator software I’d installed had completely erased all the links to my content.  Argh! So, I spent close to two hours re-linking all the files.  While this probably was a good thing in the long run (it cleaned up my mis-mashed linking I had before) it was SO not how I wanted to spend my afternoon of silence and solitude! 

Once I finished that chore, I was determined to get some scrapbooking done.  I managed to finish the album I’m making for my brother (shh, it’s a secret!) and did a little work on the one for my mom.  Then, I started on some pages on my family album.  Here are a few I did:

CoverPage2009 This will be the cover page of our 2009 album.  Do you get the reference?
I love the simplicity of the design –
and the fact that I managed to fit 12 pictures from the year on one page!


Halloween I think this one speaks for itself concerning the topic.
All of the elements are freebies (including the paper) that I found online in October.

Here are larger pictures of the pages:




FieldDay I have been wanting to do something special with MB’s field day pictures. I think this turned out pretty well.
I used one of the free CM templates (Great Escapes) and doctored it a bit to make it less ‘travel’ oriented and more sports oriented.

Here are larger pictures of the pages:



I don’t know if I will have time today to do more scrapbooking, but I am hoping to. Next on my list of things I want to scrap are Ang’s graduation pictures, our trip to the pumpkin patch, and the Girl Scout hike the girls took in November.  I am really enjoying not constraining myself to crop chronologically… although I am a wee bit concerned I may miss a few pictures here and there. But heck, when you take close to 200 a month some months, you are bound to miss one or two, right?

What have you been up to?

Creative Memories Tip: Saving Page Template in StoryBook Creator Plus

I am so excited.  Creative Memories posted on their blog today about how to save individual .page files as templates so that you can share page templates with people.  If you have downloaded any of my recent template posts, you know it was not just a single file to download. 

With this new information, it should mean easier creation of template files.  Which is good for me, but even better for you!  That means I'll be posting more templates here in the future for you to use with StoryBook Creator Plus! (yay!)

Here's a template for you – just because I'm so happy about the new process! (just click on the link to download)

Templates - Page 011

And, here is a page I made with the template:

Family Album 2009 - Page 010

Note: The text boxes are in the template, they just don't show up on the JPG of the template for some reason.

Also, if you want the top right photo to have a rounded corner like mine does, you will need to flatten the image once you drop your photo in the frame. Then you can round the corners.

I must give credit for the inspiration, though, to Cathy Zielske's template on Designer Digitals. I love the clean lines she has in her designs! So, if you are not a StoryBook Creator Plus user, but you like this design, go get her template!

Oh, and if you like the paper and embellishments, it's all from DigiChick – Brown Eyed Girl.