If you have to ask… (Notes from the Landlord Chronicles)

We have a couple rental properties.  Over the years, this has provided us with a little (very little) extra income and an endless source of things to shake our head at and/or laugh at.  I thought I'd share one or two with you from time to time… some are just too good to keep to myself.

Today, I got a call from a young woman who was calling about one of the town homes we have for rent. She and a friend had driven by and seen the sign and were very interested in potentially renting the place.  After going through the usual spiel about bedrooms, bathrooms, rent and deposit she asked if we had a pet policy. 

"Yes, we allow pets," I said.  "We have a non-refundable pet deposit, but we allow pets."

"Oh, good," She said.


"Um, do you have a size limit on your pet policy?" She asked.

<huh? size? what?>

"What do you mean," I asked.  "How big are your pets? What are they?"

<as I'm having visions of ponies walking up the staircase in the townhouse>

"Well," she answers, "they're pretty big dogs."


"Yeah, we have two of them."

At which point I proceeded to point out all of the reasons why our place was not the right one for her.

Note to future potential tenants:  If you have to ask if we have a Size Policy for Pets, the answer is pretty much guaranteed to be YES, we do.