Stitchy Gifts

For Christmas this year, I made my sister-in-law a scarf.  My niece and nephew are on ski race teams and they spend every weekend on Mount Hood racing and skiing. I figured a scarf would be a good gift for her – something to keep her warm and cozy while the kids were zooming down the mountain.


I had bought some Deborah Norville chunky weight yarn that was so soft and just crying out to be made into something like a cozy scarf.

I did a take on a pattern I’d found on the Fiber Flux blog.


I have to admit, it was a little challenging for the first couple rows. Once I saw the pattern emerge, though, it was a very quick crochet project.  I think I finished in about 2-3 days.

I love that it looks a little lacey even though it is a substantial scarf and very warm and cozy feeling.


I used two skeins and then about a half skein for the fringe at the end.  I have a skein and a half left from my original purchase and I’m thinking I may make another, narrower, scarf for myself.


I think my sister-in-law liked it. She wore it one day while she was here. It was cute on her with jeans and a sweater. I should’ve gotten a picture, but I forgot. Sorry!

I have to tell you, I LOVE this yarn.  I think I may go back and pick up another color to make an afghan. It’s so soft and cozy I think it would be great to snuggle under on a cold night.  The scarf is made in the Amparo Blue color, just in case you’re wondering.


My sister-in-law saw my post and had my nephew take a picture of her with the scarf. I think it looks MUCH better on her! (Isn’t she beautiful!?!)


The best laid plans…

Do you know that quote?

The best laid plans of mice and men
oft go awry…

Yes, that’s me.  The little mouse who had the greatest of plans to blog this week.

And, well, we know how that went, don’t we?

Please be patient with me.

Apparently, I’m going to have to ease back into this blogging schedule. But I’m here. I have big plans. I just have to get myself settled down to write again. Life is busy and when it is busy my brain finds it hard to focus to write. But I’m feeling the tug to write, so it’s coming. And my list of things to share with you is growing… I have a page full of topics already!


Here’s a little something I was working on in December. Well, actually, the week we spent at Mom’s house.  Have I mentioned before that sometimes I can get “stuck” on one thing to the exclusion of others?  Well, if I haven’t, I’m confessing now.


This little obsession is actually my friend Kim’s fault.  We went to a craft show together in November and they had these beautiful ruffled scarves. And all we could both say was “I can make that! Why would I pay $20+ for it?!”

And so, Kim promptly went out and bought some of the yarn and started to make them.  And they were beautiful. And she made one for me for Christmas. And I thought “Hmmm, I would love to have more of these!”


And thus it began.

I got SuperMan to take me to JoAnn’s to pick up some Homespun yarn to make a scarf to match the hat I got last year at Christmas.  And there they were, gazing at me from the bins – those beautiful, ruffley, sparkly yarns.  And they said to me, “Take us home, please! And make something with us!”


And so I did.

And then I went back two days later and brought some more of their friends home with me.

And while the kids played and my family visited, I crocheted.  Quite happily.


The best part of these is that they work up quickly. Once I got the hang of it, I could make one in about two hours.  Fast results. I LIKE that!


The girls wanted their own scarves, too. Big Girl got the one with the pinks and greys.  Little Bit got the one that is pink and white.  The others are mine. All mine. But I’ll share if I have to…


After all, I can always make another one…

If you are interested in making one, they have super-easy instructions posted online. That’s how I figured it out.


On the Needles (or off)

Happy Super Tuesday!  If you live in the United States, I hope you have, or are planning to vote today. Regardless of who you vote for, I just hope you exercise your right to vote.

We voted two weeks ago – I love early voting!

I thought I’d share with you some of the recent yarn projects I’ve been working on.  It seems the more hectic life gets, the more I have retreated in my free time into my yarn crafts.  I think it is because it is simple, repetitive, tactile and relaxing. I don’t have to think. I don’t have to plan. I don’t have to react. I can just sit quietly and weave the yarn and watch something beautiful develop.  And right now, for me, that is very therapeutic.

I’ve finished this little item –


But I can’t share more with you (yet) as it is a gift and I want to give it to my special someone first before doing any more of a reveal.

I also decided on Saturday that I wanted to finish my shawl – the one I had earmarked as my “church shawl” – that I would wear on Sundays in Church when they have the air conditioning on “freeze yer hiney off” and I am shivering.


I’ve been working on it off and on for a month or two.  I ran out of yarn, had to order more, and then finally decided it was getting cold enough that I really needed to focus on finishing so I wouldn’t turn into a popsicle in church on Sunday.


It’s a basic shawl – a big rectangle, really. I did it in a half-double crochet and then made a ruffle on the ends by doing four double crochets in each loop.  I think it turned out really pretty.


The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun in Ocean.  Mom had given it to me a few years ago as part of a yarn package Christmas gift. The yarn is a pain to knit with but it wasn’t too bad to crochet with. I used a large needle (L, I think) and tried really hard to control my tension (in more ways than one!)

It was serendipitous that the colors actually match the colors on our volunteer “uniform” shirts for church. So, I look very coordinated, even though it was a total accident.

And, I used it on Sunday. It was so warm – like snuggling in a blanket!


Although, I have to say, I think my model is even more beautiful than my shawl!  Don’t you?!?

Now, I’m vacillating between which project to do next.  Finish the shawl that seems to be turning into a lap blanket? Start a scarf and hat project that will be quick and easy?  Tackle some finer yarns that I’ve purchased because I love but am afraid to do something with for fear of messing it up?

Decisions, Decisions.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

I’ve got plenty of yarn to choose from. That’s for sure!

On the Needles

Well, off, actually.

I finally finished the carpool scarf!


You might remember that I had started it the first week of school… well, it sat in my car and got worked on a little at a time for weeks and weeks and weeks and… well, you get the idea.  You don’t get very far when you only work on something for 30 minutes a day, that is for sure.

Anyway, FINALLY I finished it.


And I have to say, I love it. (don’t you love my model?)


Just a very basic knit row/purl row.

I thought the gold thread and variegated yarn didn’t need anything but a way to shine.  I love how it turned out.

And thankfully, Big Girl decided it was too scratchy (thank you gold thread!) and that she wouldn’t be stealing it after all. So, I get to keep it.


Now, I just need some cold weather to enjoy it!!

And this is on my needles now…


I’ll share more when I finish.

What are you working on?

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On the needles


I stumbled across a hat crochet pattern the other day and decided to see if I could figure it out to make a hat for Little Bit.

After some consultation with Mom (thank goodness for FaceTime!) getting the initial circle going, it was a really quick job and I was completely finished about two hours after I started – and that was with kid interruptions included!


It was so quick – and so easy. It is the first thing I’ve done with increases in crochet and the very first hat I’ve ever made.

I have to say I was very pleased with the results.

So much so that I made one for Big Girl the next day.


And I’m already thinking about who will be getting one for Christmas!


The girls loved them, too, which is especially nice because they are for them!IMG_2009


Here is a link to the pattern in case you want to try your hands at the hat yourself!

For the Big Girl’s I just added about three more sets of increase rows than I did in the original one for Little Bit. I would probably do the same thing for an adult hat, but this is an easily adaptable pattern.

Give it a try!


Stitchy Twitchy


I’ve got the yarn bug again –

I’ve been working on a shawl the past couple weeks. I was hoping to finish it over the weekend but may need to put another couple hours into it to finish. It’s going to be so cozy to cuddle in when the weather gets cool, I think.


I’m also working on a “carpool scarf” with some yarn that was given to me by a friend. It’s only two skeins, so I’m hoping I get it to the right length before I run out of yarn because it is discontinued and I’ve not found any online anywhere. Big Girl has claimed it for her own, but I have made her promise she will share with me.

I call it the “Carpool Scarf” because I keep it in the car and work on it while I’m sitting in the carpool line each day.  It is coming along nicely and I’m loving the gold threads that are in the yarn – it makes for a pretty sparkle amid the browns and greens.


I have some yarn for my next project ready to go – it’s a very colorful variegated yarn that Little Bit wants me to use to make a scarf and hat for her. I’m thinking I’ll try this hat pattern and maybe something simple like this scarf pattern.

This is the yarn

Kisses First Love Yarn

Right up her alley in terms of color, don’t you think?  Now, I’ll have to find a new winter coat for her to match! I’m thinking a dark purple one maybe.

And, of course, I have all sorts of other projects brewing in my head – I just need to find the time to get to them all!

How about you? Any craftiness at your house lately?


Hello, my name is Lois and I’m an ADD Knitter

I admit it.

I may have a problem.

Just like I did when I first started scrapbooking, I am finding that, with my knitting, I want to do and buy every project I see.

My stash of yarn and needles is growing daily – and my stack of finished projects is not growing proportionately.

I think this is a common problem, though, and that I am not alone. (I hope!)

My knitting friends talk about converted walk-in closets with yarn organizers and secret stashes of yarn and unfinished projects. It’s almost like it’s an unspoken commonality that we share – this plethora of yarn and plans for beautifully knitted goods that are currently only patterns, yarn, and daydreams.

I started this new hobby thinking I would only buy materials for a new project when I finished whatever current one I’m working on.  But, that hasn’t been the case.

Between my ADD tendencies and the weekly knitting class I’m taking (where I sit in a yarn shop surrounded by beautiful projects and gorgeous yarns every week) I am finding it challenging to stay focused on one single project.

My fellow knitting junkies assure me that this is OK.  That everyone needs one “mindless” knitting project you can do while sitting in a crowd or watching TV or your child’s extracurricular activities… and then you  need one more challenging project to stretch your skills and learn new things. (and maybe a few more projects besides these)

So, maybe I’m not alone in this.

Right now, I have three, or maybe four, started projects.

A rotini scarf – this is my “mindless” project. It’s easy – knit 8/8 back, knit 6/6back, etc.  I don’t think much while I’m doing it and it has been great to unwind with at the end of a hectic day.


Then there is the eyelash-yarn-from-hell project.  I started a scarf for Big Girl with this hot pink eyelash yarn. I got about halfway finished and realized I was making a TRIANGLE, not a RECTANGLE. IMG_0062

Something was awry and I was annoyed and ripped the whole thing out. Now, I must start again. Except that I really want to just throw the darn eyelash yarn in the woods for the birds to line their nests.  So not making much progress there.

Then, there’s the cream cotton that is so soft and snuggly. I’m working on another scarf although that project was really just practice for a pattern I wanted to learn. If I don’t finish it I won’t be upset, but it may haunt me if I don’t.IMG_0063And then this Saturday I’m hoping to start a new shawl pattern when I go to my class.  Either that or I may ask to be taught how to make some socks.  I like little projects – scarves, washcloths, things like that. Things I know I can finish quickly before my attention is derailed by some new project or pattern or yarn I see.

What about you? Are you this way, too?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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Knit one…

My babies are learning to knit.

IMGP3131 IMGP3125 IMGP3126 They are having such fun.IMGP3127 IMGP3128   It’s a Saturday class and the lady who is teaching them is so patient and kind.  Much more patient than I would be. IMGP3129 IMGP3130 

And they’re having a blast.

Knit one…

I’ve gotten back into my knitting again. I guess it is finally not so hot that the thought of holding yarn in my lap isn’t making me want to break out into sweat.  I think it is also because I’m finding myself sitting at the dance studio three afternoons a week. And, it’s too noisy to read, so knitting is perfect. I can relax, knit a few rows, and not pay attention to all the maniac kids who are waiting for their siblings to finish their dance classes.

I knit a few washcloths to get myself back into the groove:

IMGP3115And now I’m moving on to more ambitious projects.


I’m making this one – although the center will not be the same yarn, the one I have is similar. I love the laciness combined with the fuzzy softness at the end. The fuzzy yarn is giving me a fit right now, but I’m going to master it.

Next, I’ll make this scarf:


But mine is going to be a deep purple. Same sequined yarn (purple) at the ends, but a darker alpaca/bamboo purple yarn in the middle. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

And, then? I think maybe I’ll get real crazy and try to make a shawl. Something to keep myself warm in church.

I know. I like to live dangerously.

How cute is this?

I am giggling with glee – I finished my very first knitting project.

I am giggling because … well, when you see what it is you will understand.


I mean, seriously, can you look at that and NOT giggle?

Yes, it really is a Polly Pocket blanket.  You thought I was kidding in my earlier posts when I said that I was making one. Nope. Not kidding.


to redeem myself, it is the first thing I have finished; it is the first thing I’ve ever done the Purl stitch on; and I did it ALL start to finish on my own. From casting on to binding off.

So, even though it is a whopping six by six inches square (thereabouts) I am very proud of it.

And more importantly, the Little Princess will be thrilled when she sees it tomorrow morning.

Hee Hee… I knit Polly Pocket blankets. (and I’m sure I’ll be knitting more before very long, if the Little Princess has anything to say about it)