Knit one…

I’ve gotten back into my knitting again. I guess it is finally not so hot that the thought of holding yarn in my lap isn’t making me want to break out into sweat.  I think it is also because I’m finding myself sitting at the dance studio three afternoons a week. And, it’s too noisy to read, so knitting is perfect. I can relax, knit a few rows, and not pay attention to all the maniac kids who are waiting for their siblings to finish their dance classes.

I knit a few washcloths to get myself back into the groove:

IMGP3115And now I’m moving on to more ambitious projects.


I’m making this one – although the center will not be the same yarn, the one I have is similar. I love the laciness combined with the fuzzy softness at the end. The fuzzy yarn is giving me a fit right now, but I’m going to master it.

Next, I’ll make this scarf:


But mine is going to be a deep purple. Same sequined yarn (purple) at the ends, but a darker alpaca/bamboo purple yarn in the middle. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

And, then? I think maybe I’ll get real crazy and try to make a shawl. Something to keep myself warm in church.

I know. I like to live dangerously.

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