Autumn Adventures: Thanksgiving in North Carolina

We spent Thanksgiving week in a little cabin in the mountains in North Carolina. No cell service, and not much in the way of internet, either. Just the five of us and some beautiful scenery. It was cold (colder than we expected) but we had a great time and really enjoyed taking daily drives to soak up the scenery.

We had an encounter with a lost hunting dog one day – that was quite an interesting time! She came running up to us as we got out of the car at an overlook. Bedraggled, hungry, and cold with three different radio transmitter collars on. As the girls snuggled her and gave her lots of loving, I called one of the numbers on the collar to let her owner know we had her. As we waited for him to come to pick her up, a few gents from the road crew happened by. They knew the owner and ended up hanging around talking to Rob until he came. Polly the puppy got lots of snuggles from Angelina up until her owner came. I think it was good he showed up, or else we’d have been taking her home with us!

We also enjoyed quilt-spotting as we drove around. Graham County, North Carolina has a quilt trail, which we discovered quite by accident! We kept seeing these quilt squares on barns and I finally looked online to see if there was meaning behind them. Turns out there is – they are designed to highlight the area’s history in agriculture and handcraft traditions. Once we realized they were not happenstance, we kept our eyes peeled for them as we drove around.

Thanksgiving Day, we cooked up the best dinner we could given the sparsely supplied cabin. Rob fried our turkey and mom and I made the side dishes. The food was delicious and thankfully, the weather was warm (the only warm day the whole week!) so we were able to eat our meal on the deck overlooking the river. It was sunny and beautiful – a nice day to enjoy family and nature together.

After lunch, we took a ride to the Cherohala Skyway, one of our favorite scenic drives in North Carolina. It got cloudy and a storm was rolling in as we drove, but we enjoyed the views, regardless. Rainy or sunny, warm or cold, that drive is simply stunning.

All in all it was a great, relaxing week, disconnected from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I managed to finish one book, read another book, and start a third! That’s what being disconnected is about! 🙂

Hope you enjoy this video of highlights from our week.

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