Menu Plan Monday

Gracious. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Menu Plan Monday post.

It’s not that I haven’t been menu planning – I just haven’t been posting. Smile with tongue out

But I thought I’d share with you what I have planned on this last week of school before the holiday break.  It’s going to be crazy here – lots going on, Big Girl has midterms, etc.  so I wanted to be prepared with good meals and a plan for when to prepare them.


Here’s what I have so far – I generally try to plan 5 meals a week. I know we will eat out at least once during the week for takeout (it seems that way no matter how hard I try not to) and we usually go out for dinner once on the weekend (at least Disappointed smile)

I do not plan which meal to have on which day, although I have a general idea based on what is happening this week – like on Wednesday I have my Ladies’ Group at the house so I will do the Chicken Spaghetti that I can make ahead and pop in the oven while I’m in carpool.  It will be ready around 5:30 and we can eat and get the kitchen cleaned up long before everyone starts to arrive at 7:00.

Sticking with some old stand by recipes this week – and one SuperMan Special.

What are you planning this week?

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Let’s see, I usually menu plan on Thursdays (I know, a little odd) but I shop on Fridays, have usually fairly special meals on weekends and then easier meals in the week ahead, saving at least one day for leftovers. So I’ll back it up slightly…
    Friday we had burgers and fries and some company over for dinner.
    Saturday night we had some very tasty fish tacos with some fish gifted to us by a neighbor’s deep sea fishing trip.
    Last night we ended up eating a hodge-podge of leftovers.
    Tonight it’s chicken parm with salads and pasta for those who like it (LVP just isn’t a fan)
    Tomorrow it’s a easy chicken casserole with dressing that I am doubling and gifting to a friend.
    Then Wednesday is chili from the freezer!
    I forget what Thursday brings but it’s my night to menu plan and start over again!

    Next week is my crazy week with making lots of holidays treats, going to a luncheon on Wednesday, making something for the potluck Thursday, cooking a serious Christmas feast for Friday and then a family holiday brunch on the 26th! Whew! I’m tired already!


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