First Day of School 2014

Where did the summer go?

It seemed like it was just yesterday that we were packing our bags for Disney and counting down the days until school was out for the summer. And before you know it summer is over and school has begun again.

I have to say, though, I think my girls were more ready than me this year. Usually, I’m counting down the days, ready for the routine and structure that school time brings and they’re hoping and praying someone forgets that it’s time for school again. This year was different. Even though they said they were not excited or ready for school to start, I could tell they were.  Big Girl was checking the online schedule system a week before school started to see if they’d posted anything.  Little Bit had her book bag packed with her supplies days before school started.  They both had new clothes, new shoes and new supplies. They were ready.


Only I wasn’t.  It was such a fun summer.  It’s the first one where I just threw schedules out the window – I sort of had to while we were at Disney and then I just never started them once we got home.  The girls are big now and schedules just didn’t seem to be as critical.  Our days started slowly. Tea and the morning news together. I’d go to work and they’d wander off to their rooms or the basement for a while to watch TV or play.  We’d break for lunch and then they’d do chores and then it was time for SuperMan to get home and dinner and maybe a swim. 

But I didn’t fret about dinner time or bed time – we often ate late – 8 or 9 PM even – and bedtimes seemed to creep closer and closer to 11 or 11:30 as the summer wore on.

But you know what?

It was OK.  We had fun. We relaxed and enjoyed our time together.  And they got to just veg out and be kids.  Be creative.  Be imaginative.  Be BORED. All those things I remember about my summers growing up.

And as July wound down and August blossomed bright with school, they were ready.

But I wasn’t.


Not quite ready to set the birds loose from the nest again.  To watch them spread their wings and fly a little higher, a little further from Mama Bird.  To watch them walk into school with their heads held high and ready to tackle whatever was thrown at them.

And the house was quiet today.  Almost too quiet.

I kept thinking about all the mamas that are packing up their college freshmen and preparing to drive them to their dorms – knowing their baby bird is really flying the nest. 

Thank goodness it’s not time for that yet.  Because I’m sure not ready.

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