Summer Stories (continued)

It is still technically summer, you know. Even if we’re in school and it doesn’t exactly feel that way based on our schedules.  Fall doesn’t start for almost 3 weeks!  And it certainly felt like summer this past weekend… 90+ degree days and high humidity. Ugh.

This past Saturday, SuperMan’s company had a party to celebrate their 65th anniversary.  All employees were invited and they closed down the zoo and catered a big family party.  We LOVE the zoo, so it was most definitely something we didn’t want to miss.IMG_3800[1]

As I said, it was HOT.  But we had a good time – we got to see the new baby gorilla (about 2 weeks old!)


Giraffes, lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) (sorry, it just slipped out)


We enjoyed visiting with some of SuperMan’s work friends and their families, ate BBQ for dinner, rode the train, listened to some speeches, and said good night to the critters as we headed home from a very fun evening.

As we were heading home, SuperMan kept turning here and turning there — I had no idea where we were or were we were going.  I never worry, though, because SuperMan has a homing beacon in his body somewhere and we always manage to find our way home.  In no time, we were cruising past his current job site – a hulking building that takes up an entire city block –


It’s always fun to see where he is working and watch the transformation from a shell to a finished masterpiece.  It’s especially fun when they do new construction and things start as a muddy hole in the ground and morph into a skyscraper.  This is a restoration of a historic building and I’m happy to see they’re repurposing it and giving it new life. It will be fun to see how it develops in the next year.

I happened to ask SuperMan if we were close to “that donut place we used to stop at when we were down here somewhere that time”  Luckily for me, I have a man who can read my mind and knows what those very vague statements mean and can turn them from a passing comment into reality.  (which is one of the reasons why I call him SuperMan!)

And before I knew it, we pulled into heaven on earth –


*choirs of angels sing*

Yes, the light was on. It meant a mandatory stop.

The girls had never had fresh, hot donuts from Krispy Kreme so we absolutely, positively, had do share that experience with them. And I swear they taste even better if you eat them after 10PM (and have no calories).

We drove out of the parking lot with two dozen donuts and some milk and we were quickly diving in.  From the moans and sighs in the back seat, I think the girls loved them as much as we did.  SuperMan warned me to be careful, “You’re going to be in a sugar coma.” But I told him I’d be in a happy  sugar coma, so it would be ok. Smile

It was a late night but a very fun evening for all of us… family time is always the best time.

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