Summer Stories (part 2)

Continuing with my recap of the summer adventures, I thought I’d share with you some pictures from Little Bit’s 9th birthday party.

We vacillated for weeks on what we would do for her party. Traditionally, we have a pool party; but this year with monsoon-like rains every single day, we were unsure whether or not the weather would cooperate.  We sent out invites with the warning that plans were subject to change and then we crossed our fingers and prayed for sunshine.

The day dawned hot and sunny and our hopes were up. I let everyone know that we’d meet at the pool and began to gather our supplies – cake, cups, etc.  At party time, we were all set up and the weather was still holding out.


The guests arrived and we had a fabulous time – as part of our rainy weather backup plan, the girls and I had planned some “Minute to Win It” games so we took those with us to the pool and played them as well.  We had such a great time – even the grown ups got in on the fun.


Here’s the whole gang –


We had such fun – even the guys – who ended up doing a little minor repair on the pool when the light fell out. Thank goodness one of them was an electrician and could get ‘er done. Smile


Question: how many guys does it take to change a pool light bulb? hee hee


She had such a good time – I think everyone did – and the rain held out until right when it was time to leave.  As we pulled into the driveway it started to rain.

What a perfect birthday!

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