Currently, I’m

Cooking a batch of shredded beef burritos in the crock pot. They smell SO good right now.

Listening to SuperMan shampooing the carpets for me. I’m such a lucky girl to have a man who spoils me so.

Nibbling on some almonds and dried cranberries – my new favorite snack.

Counting down the days until school is out. 12, if you are wondering. I think I’m just as excited as the girls.

IMG_2497-1156(rev 0)

Planning my annual trip to California for work and hoping the flights are not too wretched. I miss the days of frequent flyer perks, even if I don’t miss the days of frequent flying.

Looking forward to my garden giving us some yummy foods this summer.

Enjoying the time we have at home with SuperMan between big work projects (and hoping it’s not too long-lived)

Reading Angelology ~ devouring it is more like what I’m doing. It’s really engrossing.

What are you up to these days?

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