Just a Jammin’

Mom, the girls, and I made strawberry jam this week. They had huge, beautiful strawberries at Sam’s and we just had to get some… next stop was the grocery store for some jelly jars, sugar and pectin.

When we got going the next morning we decided to go ahead and make the jam.


We had such a good time together – it was a great learning experience for the girls (and me!) and they thoroughly enjoyed it, I think.


Our finished product is SOOO GOOD.  We had to have one of the jars right away, before it was even fully set.  Smile  Fortunately, we had baked biscuits for breakfast so we had something to use for a transport vessel for the goodness.  We scarfed those biscuits right down.


After a friend commented on my Facebook post about the jam, asking if she could buy some, the girls decided to sell their jam.  So, they spent this afternoon creating labels, fixing up their jars and telling everyone they knew about the jams.


Aren’t they cute?

So, if you are interested, let me know.

They have strawberry jam now and will soon add grape jelly to the line up.

Two Sisters Jams & Jellies – that’s their name!

My little entrepreneurs! Smile

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