And away we go…

The girls and I are at Mom’s this week – enjoying our Spring Break. SuperMan came with us for the weekend and had to go back home last night for work.


On Saturday, Big Girl, SuperMan and I went down to River Street to wander and pretend like we were tourists for a little while.  We had lunch at our favorite Spanky’s – the best chicken fingers ever, Big Girl declared – and then walked along the river for a while.


Then we stopped in to River Street Sweets for the obligatory pralines and ice cream (not together, though) and stopped in a few shops to browse. I was amazed at the fact that the “stuff” in the shops is pretty much the same as it was twenty years ago when we lived here. I guess there are enough tourists that the shopkeepers don’t have to look for new things to market – the same-old-same-old seems to work.IMG_2994

Little Bit didn’t come with us. She has declared that she will not be leaving Ammi’s house unless it is for a trip to the mall or Target. I guess she has her priorities…


One last stop by to say “Hi” to The Waving Girl and then we were headed back to Mamma’s house for the rest of the day.  Sunday was all about family and relaxing.  Today, Big Girl and I are making a list of the shopping (she wants) we want to do while we’re here.  As soon as we’re all organized we’ll be off on our way again.


Hope you have a fantastic week – I’ll post more if we do anything interesting. Otherwise, I’ll resume normal posting next week when we get home.

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