Project Life Tuesday

I know, I know – It has been FOREVER since I posted any scrapbooking pictures.

Well, there’s been a good reason for that…

I haven’t been scrapbooking!!

But I fixed all that last weekend – I went out with some girlfriends and spent the evening at Archiver’s doing a little scrapbooking.  We had such a nice time together – just hanging out and relaxing and getting some crafty going.

I didn’t get a TON done, but I did manage to get a few pages completed.  I have decided that since I lost my momentum with my 2012 Project Life album last fall, I’m going to finish the year’s pages digitally.  I am determined to finish them and I figure this will be faster for me than printing and finding time to lay out the pages. I think it’s mostly mental because the digital pages aren’t necessarily faster, but it’s making me happy and that’s what counts, right?

Here are the pages I did on Saturday –

2012 Family Album - Page 0202012 Family Album - Page 021

One of the other things I really like about doing it digitally is that I can do whatever week’s pictures I’m in the mood to work on and not worry about chronology. I can put them in the right order in my scrapbook after printing, but doing it this way I can work in whatever order suits my fancy.

2012 Family Album - Page 0222012 Family Album - Page 023

I also stumbled across this really cool set of templates that I am absolutely in love with –


There are six different “papers” with the “pockets” for the Project Life layouts. I just plop it on the page and “fill in the blanks” with my pictures and journaling.  You can flip them (rotate) and get even more configurations to use. I love the way they make it look like there are actual pockets on the digital pages. They’re from the Scrap Girls Boutique.

2012 Family Album - Page 0252012 Family Album - Page 024

I’m hoping to get a few more pages done this week – little by little I’ll catch up on 2012.

And I’m also going to go ahead and start 2013’s album, which I have decided to do completely digital this year.

How’s your Project Life project going?


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