What I’m Reading Right Now: Executive Privilege

What I'm reading right now

I just finished this book not too long ago and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I found it via a new service I’ve subscribed to (Book Bub) which sends me links to discounted ebooks based on the genres I’ve selected and the format I chose (I chose Nook, Kindle and Apple Books because I can read any of these on my iPad.)  So far, it’s been dangerously good. Some of the titles have been iffy once I’ve clicked through to research them a bit more, but for the most part I am finding some new authors to check out and certainly filling up my to-read list on Good Reads.

Executive Privilege is a story that explores the mystery surrounding a set of serial murders in the D.C. area and their possible tie-in to the President of the United States.   As the story opens, a private investigator, Dana Cutler, is asked to follow a young woman for a mysterious, and anonymous client.  At the same time, FBI agent Keith Evans is called in to investigate the latest murder in a string of murders committed by the “DC Ripper.”  Out in Oregon, a young attorney is tasked with handling an appeal for a death row inmate who is convicted of being a serial killer.

As you read, these three people are entwined in an increasingly dangerous and twisted story as they independently work through their tasks and ultimately find themselves all facing the same conclusion – that there is a third serial killer on the loose and it just might be in the Executive Office.

Dana is an emotionally-scarred ex-cop who makes her living as a private investigator.  She’s asked to watch a young woman who is working in the campaign office of the presidential candidate.  As she is on surveillance, the young woman meets up with Secret Service agents in a shopping mall parking lot and goes to a secret rendezvous with the President.  Dana follows and watches from the woods, taking pictures, as the young woman’s tryst turns sour and she storms out of the hideaway with angry words and tears for the President.  As Dana tries to leave to follow her back, she is attacked by Secret Service agents guarding the President and barely escapes.  As she is fleeing, she realizes that the pictures she just took could get her into serious trouble.  She leaves her final update for her mysterious client and tells them she is quitting the job.  She’s on the run and hoping to keep herself alive.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon, young Brad Miller, a new attorney, is asked by his boss to represent a convicted serial killer on his final appeal.  It appears to be an open and shut case and Brad is surprised when the killer, Clarence Little, wants to meet with him and insists that he has been wrongly accused of one of the murders and wants Miller to clear his name.  As Little gives him details to prove his innocence, Brad is sucked into the mystery and can’t stop looking for the answers – even as his boss warns him off and threatens him if he doesn’t.

FBI agent Keith Evans solves the D.C. Ripper case only to find that there is another murder that is being linked to the Ripper.  Except in this case, things don’t add up and he starts to wonder if there is a copy-cat killer on the loose.  The murder victim is a young woman who was working on the campaign of the presidential candidate.

As each main character continues to work their way through the maze of clues and lies they find their paths crossing and the reader is left to wonder – is the President the killer? Is it his right-hand man who is scarily loyal to him and has a military background and will stop at nothing to protect the president?  As they continue to figure things out, forces are working against them on both coasts, trying to keep what has been buried, buried.

This is a great story and kept me engrossed right up until the end. Although, I have to admit, I had figured out “who done it” pretty much halfway through the book, I still enjoyed reading to find out how Margolin was going to reveal the murderer’s identity and wrap up the story.  I would definitely recommend it – especially for a plane flight or vacation read.  It’s not one you want to put down once you get going.

Final Verdict: Read it

And in other news… this is what happens when you leave your editor window open and go cook dinner:

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