Just hangin’ on

Hey, y’all.

First of all, I have to tell you, I haven’t forgotten about you – I’ve just been overwhelmed with life lately.  My big work project is going strong and we’re in the final push to get to the end – which is right around the end of the year. Which means things are not going to slow down at all until January. Sigh.

Adding to that, Big Girl is going to have surgery next week. We’ve finally found out what is going on with her foot.  She’s been suffering with steady pain for over a year and after an MRI a month or so ago we found out she has fused bones in her foot. We’ve already exhausted the conservative treatment options in the last year, so the next step is surgery.

She will be in recovery mode for the next few months – no school, limited mobility and hopefully on the mend to pain-free state.  I’m sharing this with you so that you will know why things might be a little “light” around here for the next few months.  I’ll be focused on her and fitting in blogging may or may not happen.  Don’t worry. I’ll be back. I’m not leaving for good.

As far as my menu plan for the week this week, I’m focused on some family favorites as well as a new recipe or two:

  • Monday: Crock Pot Beef & Broccoli with steamed rice
  • Tuesday: White Bean Chicken Chili (it’s supposed to be rainy – recipe coming later this week)
  • Wednesday: Rotel Chicken Pasta bake
  • Thursday: Baked Potato with salad & rotisserie chicken
  • Friday: Friday Night Mexican

I hope you have a great week – later in the week I’ll be sharing some of my recent crafty projects (they’re what’s keeping me sane right now) and the White Bean Chicken Chili recipe, so come back soon!

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