Menu Plan Monday

After a fun weekend at Mom’s I’m not really ready to get back into the groove of the work week. I wish I had another day or two off to relax. The past few weeks at work have been really stressful and hectic (hence the blog “light” lately) and I feel like I’m just finally winding down from that and it’s time to wind up again!

We had a really nice weekend, though.  On Saturday, SuperMan and I went for an afternoon excursion downtown in Savannah.  We walked along Broughton Street and acted like tourists (well, not really, but it was fun to wander around downtown).  We reminisced about growing up and spending time downtown and marveled at how much it had changed in the last ten or so years.

We went to The Tea Room and got some yummy teas – I’m drinking “Savannah Breakfast” right  now and it is wonderful.  I also purchased some “Morgan’s Midday Blend”  and “Savannah Grey” which I can’t wait to try.

From there, we wandered down to Savannah Bee and did a honey tasting. Seriously? Tasting HONEY!?!  Yummy.  It was really interesting, though, to taste the different honeys and see the different flavors each had.  I fell in love with the Acacia honey. It was so mild in flavor, almost like a simple syrup, and I thought it would be perfect for sweetening teas.  I also got some of the winter white honey. It was soooo good.  I can’t wait to make some homemade bread and smear it all over the top of a piece of toast.

And we had to stock up on our favorite oatmeal cookies at Byrd Cookie Company.  I had planned to go by their shop on Friday and didn’t make it there but was pleasantly surprised to find that they now have a gift shop open downtown that is open on Saturdays so we picked up a box of our favorites.  I’ve been eating those cookies since I was a girl and I have to say there are no other oatmeal cookies to compare. And, believe it or not, they are better (to me) stale!

It was a very nice afternoon – the weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed just hanging out together with no particular agenda.

And now we’re back to the crazy at home …

So, this week’s cooking is going to be comfort food and easy recipes – crock pot stuff in particular.

What’s on your menu for the week?

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Visiting from Menu Plan Monday. Reading your post reminded me that one of my boys was asking for honey straws the other day. Your photo is lovely! Makes me want to visit Savannah someday.


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