Scrapbook Tuesday

I have a confession to make.

I’m way behind on my Project Life album.

Way, way behind.

I seem to have lost my drive for working on the album.  I’m sure I’ll get it back – right now I’m only behind for the month of August – but for right now the thought of working on it seems like a chore, not a pleasure. So I will let it sit for a few more weeks until I find the desire to work on it again.

But –

I have done a wee bit of scrapbooking – I seem to have found the desire to digitally scrapbook.  Interestingly, I did the same thing last year; lost my drive to work on the Project Life stuff around the time school started and then wound up working on digital pages for a while. So, maybe there is a trend here? Maybe it has to do with the hectic first weeks of school, I don’t know.

Regardless, as long as I’m doing something creative, I’m happy.

Here are two of the pages I’ve created recently.  They’re focused on the first day of school for the girls:

2012 Family Album - Page 006

The journaling reads:

Your first day of school –  always a little scary for kids and a little more so this year for you… you started a new school, your sister was not at the same school as you anymore and you didn’t know any of the kids who would be in your class. But, in your typical fearless style, you were rarin’ and ready to go that first morning, up way before it was time to be awake and ready to leave almost a half an hour before we had to! I walked you into your classroom – our yearly tradition – although you didn’t want to hold my hand just in case people might mistake you for a “baby” that way. But we all know you are most definitely not a baby. You are a big girl. A third grader. And you are ready to tackle whatever your new school throws your way. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do this year – whatever it is you decide to do, I’m sure it will be fantastic. Everything you do is!

And the second page:

2012 Family Album - Page 007

The journaling reads:

Middle School.
Such a big step for you… a milestone you have waited so long to finally reach. And now it is here for you.  After a couple of weeks of worrying and fretting this summer – about all of the changes that were coming, especially your locker! – you are finally ready for the big step… right across the threshold of your new school experience. In spite of the summer jitters, you were ready to roll on the first day of school. You’d met your teachers, practiced opening your locker, walked the halls and found out the friends you’d have in your classes. You knew the drill and you were ready to go. I dropped you off in the front of the school – no more walking you into class on the first day – and as I drove away I couldn’t help but remember the first day you started Kindergarten and how you had a lot of the same worries that had plagued you during this summer as you thought about Middle School.  Just like then, you met the challenge head on and came through with shining colors. I can’t wait to see the things you’ll do and the places you’ll go in the next three years. Whatever they are, I’m sure you will shine – you always do.

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