Out of Sorts

I’m feeling all kinds of weird today.

Totally discombobulated.

You see, last night I dropped off my Big Girl at church for a weekend retreat.  Her first multi-night sleep away without any family along with her.


Now, don’t get me wrong… if she is going to be going away without me, there aren’t too many other places I’d rather her be. I know these folks; I know how serious our church is about the kids’ safety and well-being.  I know she is in good hands and I’m positive she is having a blast.

But still.

She’s my baby.

Okay, okay, maybe not technically a baby anymore, but to me, she will always be my baby.

And so today, I’m checking Facebook a thousand times looking for pictures that the church is posting of the kids’ retreat.  I’m checking my phone justincase she thinks to send me a text or a picture.


My friend, whose son just left for his freshman year of college told me last week that she kind of felt like she did in eighth grade when she was waiting and hoping and obsessing about some boy calling her.

Yeah, that’s how I feel.

I kinda feel that way combined with feeling like someone took half of my heart and ran across the state with it and I’ve got this hole where it should be.

Thank goodness she is home tomorrow.  I’m also REALLY glad she’s not college age yet.  I am definitely not ready for that.

So, for once, I’m kind of looking forward to the drama and heavy sighs, stomping feet and slamming doors I have when she is around.

I’m sure that’ll change by next Friday, but for right now, I’m really missing my girl.

So, tonight, I’ve planned a little get-together with some friends – those same families whose boys have just gone off to college. I figured we can all be discombobulated together.

Here’s what I’m planning to serve – it’s a Mexican themed night:


I can’t wait for everyone to get here… just so my house will feel less empty.

Not ready for the fledglings to start flying out of my nest just yet, that’s for sure.

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