T-minus One Day…

The countdown is on…

This time tomorrow, my girls will be in school. 

Hopefully, happily making new friends and learning new things.


This time tomorrow, MY HOUSE WILL BE QUIET.

I am not sure which of us (me or the girls) is more excited.

I mentioned the other day that my only concern was the carpool line –Image

Well, I think they got that one covered. At least for one school.

We made it to both open houses – one on Monday, one on Tuesday.  Big Girl has visited her locker a few times to practice opening it and to drop some more things off.  I honestly had no idea that lockers were such a big deal to middle schoolers – and that they held such an allure.  I can’t remember being so excited about a locker – maybe I was (Mom? was I?) I have no clue. 

We also ran into lots of people that Big Girl knows at the open houses so she is feeling pretty confident about not being all alone with no one to talk to.  Little Bit ran into a couple friends as well, but she is not really as worried as her big sister. Of course, she is so gregarious that she would make friends with anyone so being alone with no one to talk to will probably never happen to her. Like never-ever happen.

I’m so excited for both of my girls and I’m hopeful for great things for them this year. Big Girl has a lot of changes in the coming weeks, but I know she will handle it like a champion.  She’s my girl, after all.

And so now, we pretty much just wait. Lunches are waiting to be made – backpacks are packed. It’s all good to go. Well, except for haircuts. Those are happening today.  But other than that, we are done. 

We’re ready. 

Bring it on, school. We’re ready for you!

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