Here fishy, fishy


I took the day off of work today – it was the last Friday before the girls go back to school and I wanted to do something fun with them. We decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium.  We had talked about going to the Tennessee Aquarium (we love it) but I decided I was not up to the 2+ hour drive there and back when I knew SuperMan had to work and I would be doing all of the driving.


So, downtown it was.  We invited our neighbor to go with us. It was fun having him along – he’s really like the girls’ honorary older brother and I think they liked sharing the adventure with him.


We had a great time – loved watching the fish – especially the whale sharks.  Here we got to ride on a conveyor belt (“people mover”) through a tunnel that went through the large tank with the whale sharks.  There were divers swimming above us (with the sharks) and the kids loved that.


Those sharks were HUGE.  I mean, like bigger-than-my-car huge.  WHALE huge. (uh, maybe that is why they are called whale sharks?!?)  Little Bit kept assuring me that they only ate plankton and that they were harmless.  She knew all about them from a visit she made in first grade with her class.  She loved being the expert in the group. 🙂


We also spent a lot of time watching the beluga whales.  They have four at the aquarium – two males and two females. All are young (even though they are also huge) and were very active and were extremely entertaining to watch.


It’s hard to watch them interact with each other and not think that there are all sorts of things they are thinking. I just kept thinking how much I wished I was like Doctor Dolittle and could talk to the animals. I’d love to know what was going through these two boys’ minds while they played with these noodles.


We also saw the Dolphin Tales show.  They wouldn’t let you take pictures in there so I don’t have any to share. But I have to say, I am not sure I would’ve been able to take pictures. I was too busy ooh-ing and aah-ing at the dolphins. It was mesmerizing.

And, believe it or not, emotional.  I got choked up watching the dolphins – their grace and beauty, and enthusiasm, for their act.  They seemed to revel in the cheers and applause. Watching them interact with the trainers was just so sweet. They seemed to have a genuine bond.

The show was short – only 30 minutes – but we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

After our show, we toured the last two exhibits, walked through the gift shop and then headed home.  We were all hungry and tired (and ready to get out of the crowds) – but it was a fabulous day.  A perfect way to cap off the summer break.


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