I’m still here

I promise –

I haven’t fallen off of a truck in the boonies somewhere.

I’ve just been super-duper busy.  Getting the girls ready for school, working, taking care of the house and all the other things life throws at me, including SuperMan working two weeks of 65-70 hours (!) for a shutdown project.  It’s been a wee bit hectic around here.  It’s sort of like the universe is warming up for what it will be like once school starts – revving her engines, so to speak.

And so the blog has suffered.

Because, by the time I finally slow down in the evenings, I’m a little bit like Goldie Hawn in the movie “Overboard”

“buh buh buh”

Yeah, that about sums it up.

I haven’t even done a menu plan! Which, surprisingly, has bothered the girls. They keep asking me why I don’t have one and how are they supposed to know what is for dinner? Little do they know, I have no idea until about 30 minutes before I start cooking.


I don’t like life this way. (although I do like those girlies in that picture. a lot.)

I need my routines. and my structure.

I need to get things back under control.

Right now, I’m just treading water – nine more days until school starts.  Then, the new routines will set in and things should “settle” back down – relatively speaking.  It will be nuts then, too. Just nuts in a different way. But at least it will be somewhat more predictable.

Until then, I’m just hanging on for the ride!

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