Menu Plan Monday

Summer is in full swing around our house – which means schedules are out the window and sunshine and swimming are high priorities.

We had a great weekend with SuperMan home for three full days – lots of family time and fun in between our chores.  This week the girls have an art camp to go to, which is a good thing because they have reached the point where boredom kicks in and harassing each other becomes the chief form of entertainment. Which is not good for anyone around here.

So, hopefully, the extra distraction of art camp will give them the push they need to get over the summer doldrums.

This week’s menu plan includes a few things left over from last week that never got cooked and a lot of easy-to-prepare items.  I’m all about making things easy on the cook – especially since that’s me!

The girls were brave this weekend and tried all sorts of new foods – spinach & artichoke dip, grilled polenta… the dip was a hit (why wouldn’t it be? it’s full of cheese!) and the polenta, well, not as much.  The consensus was that the polenta, which was a sun-dried tomato, store-bought variety, was bitter and mushy.  I may get brave one day and try to make my own, but I was really proud of them for being game enough to try something new not once, but twice in the same day!

  • Monday: Either Pizza Braid or some Asian Chicken Stir Fry (not sure yet which)
  • Tuesday: Chicken Noodle Casserole
  • Wednesday: Grilled pork chops, grilled corn & veggies
  • Thursday: Grilled steaks (SuperMan got a deal on some steak) buttered potatoes and veggies
  • Friday night Mexican (our tradition)
  • Saturday: something on the grill (seeing a pattern here?)

I’m also thinking I will make some of my chicken pasta salad to eat on – and maybe some chicken salad for sandwiches.  Cool and easy eating.

I’m hungry for some pasta carbonara – anyone have a good recipe they would share?

But now it is time to go wake up the monkeys and get them ready for their day. Hope you have a wonderful one as well!

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I have a good (but not super healthy) polenta recipe but I always serve it creamy like grits. Every time I have tried to chill it and cut it into squares it ends up a mushy mess!


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