Field day = Hell?

I didn’t think I would be back this soon, but as this is my outlet, my place to let the silly thoughts in my head roam free, I guess I need to be here.

Today the girls have field day – I remember hating this day as a child. I mean, truly loathing it.  I would dread it as the day would arrive. It was what I imagined as a child that Hell must be like.

I mean, seriously – Field Day in the South – in MAY – when the temperatures are already hovering near 90 degrees, the humidity is 90% and they want you to stay OUTSIDE and RUN AROUND!?!?

Yeah, hated it.

The only thing I was remotely good at was the tug-of-war. And that was because of my strong legs, thanks to dance classes.  Everything else was just misery to me. I mean, why are we RUNNING AROUND A TRACK? No one is trying to kill us. There are no bears or tigers chasing us? To me, that is the only justifiable reason to run – especially in the South Georgia heat.

My girls, however, love this day.



I think they must get that competitive, athletic streak from their dad. I am pretty darn sure they didn’t get it from me!  He, however, is not only very athletic but extremely competitive. (one day, remind me to tell you about how “interesting” it gets when the three of them play games together. Uh, yeah.)


So, they’re looking forward to the tug-of-war, the relay races, the water sports (don’t remember those from MY field days) and the other activities they’ll be doing today.  They even asked me to make them a breakfast that would give them “lots of energy and speed” for the day.


I’m glad they like it.  It’s certainly better than knowing you’re sending your kids off to be miserable for an entire day.  I’ll be there in just a little while, snapping pictures and cheering them on.

And of course, I’ll share those pictures with you next week!


So, off to slather on the sunscreen and get my camera batteries charged.

Make it a good day, folks.

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