Oh, Hello, Friday…

Hello, Friday. So glad you could make an appearance!

I really need the break that comes when you arrive. It’s been a crazy week. Not a bad week, just a crazy one. With all sorts of changes and alterations to our usual routine. And that is always a challenge for us… me, especially, being the creature of routine that I am.


It started off with a doctor’s appt for Little Bit to get her poor feet checked out by the dermatologist since the meds the pediatrician had prescribed were not working. Thank goodness we went to the dermatologist! Turns out the pediatrician had diagnosed it incorrectly and was treating her for something she didn’t have. The dermatologist said her feet are suffering from a genetic issue – something she will live with forever. Good news is that he gave us copious amounts of samples/medicines to use on her feet and they seem to be helping. Bad news is that she will likely deal with this off/on forever.

That afternoon we had Little Bit’s visitor’s day at her dance studio.  So fun to watch them dance. You can see more of that here.


Then, the GI doctor called about Big Girl’s test results and wanted us to come into the office on Wednesday. Again, not part of my plan for the week, but we adapted and went down to hear what he had to say. Good news here is that she has no ugly-scary-unpronounceable thing wrong. Bad news is that what is going on will take another couple months and more medicine to sort out.


The same day we had to head to the doctor for Big Girl, my work laptop crashed.  This SERIOUSLY caused me to go into a tailspin! I have a huge project going on right now at work and being without my laptop was most definitely not part of my plan!  After a few hours of trying to troubleshoot it myself I realized I needed to get the super-tech guys from the office involved. The good news is that they are on the way to the doctor’s office and they were able to recover my files and I will be back to “normal” next week. (I hope)


The rest of the week has been about triage and maintaining some sense of normalcy in what has been a non-normal week. I am really looking forward to the weekend – some time to scrapbook, clean the house, and a picnic on Sunday afternoon with good friends. Hopefully, next week will be a little less chaotic for us all (including my computer!)

Hope you had a great week and that yours wasn’t quite as “interesting” as mine has been!

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