‘til the cows come home

I was riding home the other day with the girls and we passed one of the cow pastures that are close to where we live.


The girls immediately started MOO-ing very loudly…

And of course, I immediately shouted, “Stop! Stop! No more MOO-ing! We don’t need any cows at home!”

Which caused an eruption of giggles and even more MOO-ing – even more loudly.

img_0802You talkin’ to ME?!?

You see, we have a tradition… one that was started many eons ago when my brother and I were children.

Whenever we would pass a cow pasture, we would start MOO-ing very loudly and with much gusto.  The  more we would MOO the more Mom would say, “NO! No MOO-ing! The cows will follow us home!”

And in our childish imaginations, the cows really did follow us home.  So we would MOO and MOO and MOO – until, well, until the cows came home. (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

It became a great game to play.

The more we MOO-ed the more Mom would become “distressed” and tell us to stop. What kid doesn’t love that?

And, somehow, this tradition has carried over into the next generation. 

And so my girls now MOO at every cow pasture we pass. And I shriek in dismay and plead for them to be quiet so that we don’t have a herd of cows following us home.  And they MOO all the more.  All the while, I’m secretly rejoicing in the continuation of the tradition and thinking it might actually be pretty cool to have a pet cow… no matter what the Homeowners Association might think.


img_1212Hey, you got any hay at your place?

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