Roundup January

Happy February 1st!

If you are a scrapbooker, you’ve probably heard of Katie the Scrapbook Lady. Well, if you are a scrapbooker and avid blog reader, you probably have.

Anyway, Katie does a monthly series called “The Roundup” in which she highlights the previous month by answering some questions and then captures it in a scrapbook page. I’ve always admired these roundups and thought it was a great way to get a snapshot of the month. But, I’ve never done them.

So, with my Project Life project in it’s third year and that process well established (loving my new Saturday afternoon scrapbooking habit) I decided to add a monthly roundup to my process.  This will be a digital page that I’ll print (maybe even printing all 12 at the end of the year as a single book?) and include along with the Project Life album.

So, let’s get started…

my January Roundup

Books I read:

Movies, TV Shows, etc. I watched:

Fun things we did together:

  • Hiking and walking (until everyone got sick!)
  • Family movie nights

Gifts I gave/received:

  • Finally gave Jane her Christmas gift!

Accomplishments this month:

  • Walking (again)
  • Making better choices with eating
  • Started another knitting project
  • Attended Cup of Joy retreat
  • Project Life is current (and I’m loving it!)
  • Big Girl finished her speech (early!)
  • Little Bit was selected for a Principal Pal award at school.

Disappointments this month:

  • The kids both got sick.
  • It rained. (a lot!)

How did I do on my goals this month?

  • I didn’t get to walk every day like I had planned. Sad smile
  • I did get back on track with my eating (no more cookies before bed!)

And here’s the scrapbook page:

January Roundup

You can see Katie’s round up over on her blog.

7 thoughts on “Roundup January

  1. I just took Katie’s Roundup class at BPC so wanted to check and see who else posted their roundup being done! Congrats to you! I still need to do my scrap page so mine won;t be posted for a day or 2.


  2. Great job on your round up – I just did my first one also. I am hooked on Downton Abbey too – I watch it on the iPad while I walk on the treadmill. The only downside is they aren’t frequent enough 🙂


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