I am fried

Up since 4AM today. Don’t ask me why I woke up so early. I don’t know.

My brain is in high gear these days. A lot going on at work and a fun weekend ahead = busy brain for me. Thinking of all those things I need to do and shouldn’t forget meant waking up at 4 and never going back to sleep.

Now I feel like I have socks for brains. Warm and fuzzy but not much good for higher thinking.

It probably doesn’t help that I have the remnants of a cold. Thank goodness for EmergenC and vitamins to get me over it quickly and make sure it never got to be too bad of a cold.

So, it’s a short post today. Not much to share.

Here are some of my Project Life pictures for the week so far:


My usual Thursday stop at the Bank.  Say hello to Ms. Joyce, everyone. You can’t see her, but she’s back there behind that window. She is the nicest teller lady and takes good care of me and all my crazy business transactions.

And this is my new “assistant.” I think I’m going to call her “Helen.”IMG_0932[2]

Say hello, Helen.

Helen is my new hands-free device so that I can talk on all these conference calls for work without having to hold on to my phone while I drive… or talk to my mommy while I sit in carpool line.  My sweet neighbor shared her with me and I love her. The kids are not so amused as they listen to all of my conference calls as we drive home from school (thank goodness there is a mute button) but hey, it keeps both hands on the wheel, and that is important, right?

I’ll be spending the weekend with some sweet ladies – I’m headed to a retreat. I need the retreat, that is for sure. Looking forward to no internet access and some quiet time for my brain.

How has your week been going? Is it as crazy as mine has been?

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