Project Life Tuesday ~ October 2011

I haven’t done very well at keeping up with the Project Life posts… or with the photos, actually. I got so busy in September and then got sick and all that stuff just fell by the wayside.

Here’s my attempt to “catch up” – mostly photos from my iPhone, but they are capturing everyday life, so they don’t have to be “professional” quality, right?

I think the page turned out pretty well…

OCT Photos

I love that I got some of Big Girl – she is not always interested in having her picture taken these days… and the puppies, who have been enjoying time with us lately.

Did you notice the adorable “vampire” pumpkin she created? So cute.

The dark photo – the one you can barely see what is in it – is the graveyard close to our house. We drove through there the other night at dusk. The people who have family members have these “candles” that light at dusk and the whole graveyard was lit up with them – tiny, flickering lights as far as you could see. It was kind of spooky and kind of sweet at the same time.

The rainbow was one I saw on the way to knit the other night. It had been an absolutely horrible day and I was so “done” with things. I was just begging the universe for a break when I saw the rainbow.  As one of my friends said on Facebook “He is listening!” – Amen to that! It sure turned my mood around!

And of course, my piles and piles of books for studying for my PMP exam… and the pizza we enjoyed last Friday night (SO good!) at the new pizza joint we tried.

And piles of Kleenex! and cough drops! and hot tea! for the sick girl!!

And finally, the “shrubbery” SuperMan brought home to me on Saturday.  That’s what I get for quoting Monty Python to him as he walked out the door… (hee hee) I was totally shocked and absolutely thrilled.

And how has your picture taking been going?

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4 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday ~ October 2011

  1. Shrubbery??? Hahahahahahaaa!! I love Holy Grail. Seriously. Quote it all the time – and the lyrics from the song of Sir Robin’s Minstrels hangs in my bathroom.

    And you knit?

    I’m a fan. 😀


    1. Monty Python is just absolutely classic comedy. I watch the Holy Grail every chance I get. It makes me giggle every time, even though I know what is coming.
      And, yes, I knit! I’m an amateur, for sure, but I love it!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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