Pure randomness: 5 things I love, 5 things I hate

My thoughts are scattered this morning. Too many things going on – too many things to think through – plan “a,” plan “b,” plan “whatever” and so forth.  I am finding it hard to settle on one thing – my mind tosses back and forth between topics, jumping from one to another almost before a thought is finished.

I need some solitude. I need some peace.

I need to go find a cabin in the mountains and pretend that my greatest concern is whether to nap or eat lunch first.

But, that’s not going to happen right now. So, instead, I thought I’d share some of these random thoughts with you today.

5 things I love right now

  1. Warm blankets to snuggle under – especially as the air turns cooler and there’s a chill in the evening.
  2. Hot tea to nurture my throat and my soul, warm my body and soothe my mind.
  3. The changing leaves – God’s glory, visible for us all to see.
  4. Soup. So warm and comforting as the weather cools and the evenings are dark earlier.
  5. Snuggles from my girls, reminding me of what is really important in life -to stop and be present in the moment and relish those simple, special times together.

5 things I don’t!

  1. The obnoxious squirrels who scavenge all the birdseed and make a mess of my deck in the process.
  2. People who say one thing and mean another, who make mountains out of molehills and who aren’t straightforward or honest with you.
  3. The colds and viruses that run rampant this time of year.
  4. Stress that comes from the unknown and unplannable happenings in life.
  5. Drama!

And now I am off to create a list – of things to do, things to remember, things to accomplish. I’m hopeful that capturing it all in one place will allow my brain to settle a bit – focus on the task at hand – and lower my stress level a little.

Recipes to come later this week – and maybe some more scrapbook pages!

Make it a great day!

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