Some Days There are No Words

Some days, I don’t have anything to say – I think and think and can’t come up with something to talk about in a blog post. Most of the time, I’m just so busy that I can’t quiet my mind enough to concentrate on good writing.  Other times, there are things happening but not something I want to share in a public forum like a blog.  And then other times, there’s just nothing and no reason at all for it. It just is.

So, today was one of those kind of days.

I was planning to write a post and feature some scrapbook pages, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to scrapbook.  Then, I thought I’d do a feature on the books I’ve been reading. Except the one I’m reading now isn’t something that I’m that in love with and I’m not sure I care enough about it to finish it – and that wouldn’t make a good blog post, now would it?

So there I was. Nothing to write about today.

And I’m okay with not having a post some days… I figure I make up for it on days when I feel particularly chatty, so it is no big deal.

and then…

True to the way life is, Life gave me fodder for the blog.

Little Bit had a friend over for a play date after school. They quickly ran upstairs and shut themselves in her room to play Barbie Beauty Shop.  I heard lots of giggles and laughter and singing while I was down in my office working.

Good enough.  Moving on.

And then I heard lots of bumping and thumping and murmurs and mutters.

And the sound of little feet running back and forth from my bathroom into her bedroom … back and forth… back and forth.

There was a part of my mother’s intuition that said I really needed to go upstairs and see what they were up to.

But, like the ostrich I can be sometimes, I chose to bury my head in the sand and keep working. They were quiet (relatively) and no one was crying. All was well.

And then I heard suspicious sounds.

And then Little Bit came downstairs with white stuff in her hair.  Huh?

“Um, honey, what is that in your hair?”

(guilty look) “nothing” (dashes back upstairs)

much more suspicious sounds emanate from the bedroom

(are you cringing? I was)

So, I girded my loins and decided it was time to face the music. I climbed the stairs, afraid of what was going to await me as I turned the corner into Little Bit’s room.

I was amazed.

I was overwhelmed.

I was speechless.

It was SNOWING in her room.


Or, at least what LOOKED like snow.


I am not sure what exactly transpired – no one was fessin’ up – but apparently the feather pillow that Little Bit sleeps on “mysteriously” busted open and then the feathers “magically” found their way around the room.

With the ceiling fan on high.



Oh, but it gets better.

They both looked like they had snow in their hair. And they ran away from me as I turned around – with feathers flying behind them as they ran… flying all over my freshly cleaned house.  The house that is hosting company this weekend.



Can you see them? The piles and piles? of FEATHERS!?!imgp3647

I decided this job called for some serious horsepower for cleaning up the piles of feathers that were everywhere in the room. I consoled myself with the fact that they were pretty much limited to her bedroom and not the rest of the house.

I got SuperMan’s shop vac and started to suck up the little suckers.  I thought to myself, “well, this is not that bad. the vac is getting it up pretty well.”

And then I turned around to move the shop vac closer to me.

And realized it was SNOWING on the landing outside Little Bit’s room.

Apparently, the feathers were small enough to float right back out of the exhaust of the shop vac.


Back downstairs I went for the more traditional vacuums.  Big Girl got the hand-held model for the feathers on the bed and furniture tops. I took the floor model on the floor.

I have never seen so many feathers in my entire life.

And the pillow looks just like it did before it was busted.

Thank goodness THEY were busted before they emptied the whole thing.

I have a sneaky suspicion I will be cleaning up feathers for a long time to come.

Yes, truly, some days, there are no words.

3 thoughts on “Some Days There are No Words

  1. Love it!! That is something that you see on TV, but you got to live it! That did make me laugh out loud and I can see your girl’s sweet face in all her innocence. 🙂


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