Up, Up and Away!

I posted camera phone shot yesterday of a hot air balloon that flew over our mountain yesterday morning as I was taking the kids to school.  I didn’t have my trusty camera in the car (shame on me!) but I was able to grab a quick shot with my phone.

This morning they were back again, soaring over the mountain. I was alerted to their presence by Buster, who HATES the sound of the burner and thinks the balloon is some type of monster from the sky that is going to eat him up. He is really a scaredy-dog, that one.

So, I went outside to see where the balloon was – imagine my surprise when I saw the chase truck driving down the street in front of my house!

Oh my! It’s going to land in our subdivision! I ran inside, grabbed my shoes, my good camera, and SuperMan.

IMGP3641By the time we got halfway down the street, it was obvious that the breeze was not going to let them land in the cul-de-sac after all.  So, up they went, back into the air and over the trees to head to the next possible landing spot – the cul-de-sac in the neighborhood adjacent to ours.

IMGP3642It was so pretty – and Buster was so scared!

They were waving at everyone who had come outside to see them.

IMGP3644And then they were headed back down to attempt another landing.

IMGP3645 What a nice way to start the day – soaring above the mountain – I would LOVE to do that one day… even have my own balloon.  I’ve always loved flying and even contemplated taking flying lessons once when I was in college (and broke with no way to pay for flying lessons!)

I took SuperMan on a hot air balloon trip once years ago. I managed to arrange a super-secret anniversary present one year. My brother and his family live in the Pacific Northwest and he helped me to arrange a sunrise balloon ride as an anniversary present. All I told SuperMan was that we had to get up at 4AM and the directions to the place we had to go(a farm/field in the middle of nowhere).

 IMG_0743 IMG_0744 IMG_0745IMG_0746

(OLD OLD OLD scrapbook pages from 2003!!! Look at how young we were!)

It was awesome. We had such a good time. I was enraptured by the peacefulness of gliding just above the treetops, floating along without a sound (except the blasts of the heater) and gazing at the countryside below.

It was one of those experiences that I’ll remember forever – and one day I will figure out how to fit another trip like that into our lives.  Hmmm… maybe for our 20th? It’s not that far away…

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Friday. I’m off to get my to-do list for work checked off so that I can get my to-do list for home checked off shortly after that and then I can relax and enjoy the weekend (maybe scrap a little?)

I am planning to finish Jessica Sprague’s Up & Running and Now We’re Rockin’ with Photoshop classes this weekend. I’ve been piddling with them, but I want to spend some concentrated time on them so that I actually internalize the concepts and skills (and get my money’s worth from the classes!)

If I get to actually DO this, I’ll share some of my pages!

3 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away!

  1. Fabulous balloon shots, Lois! I would also love to try a balloon ride. My wonderful DH actually did book me a flight, for a birthday present – but I was expecting our son at the time and we had to pull out, once we realised there was a risk of bumpy landings etc. The balloon chap wasn’t keen on taking me up – and I didn’t blame him really – the risk was just one I didn’t want to take either. It was disappointing, but I’m still glad I didn’t risk it. We got our money back (the man was so kind!)… but we’ve never booked another flight – and they are so much more expensive now. Perhaps for Our 20th anniversary…

    I love the photos from your 2003 mini-book. I bet that was a wonderful experience for both of you. How fab… sigh…

    We had a balloon land in the field behind the house where we used to live. It came right over the house-tops – even grazing someone’s chimney stack (didn’t break anything…). All the children in the neighbourhood – and most of the adults too – went running round the corner, to see them land in the field. We were able to watch them land and get ready for the support truck to pick them up. It was really quite exciting!
    Where we live now, we do get balloons come over, though rarely very low. And a couple of years ago, my son’s school treated a retiring teacher to a balloon flight, which took off from the playing field by the school and went right over our garden – DS was standing on the climbing tower waving at Mrs C. as she went overhead – she waved back and he was thrilled to bits! She is a fab lady and still goes to all the school events, joins in etc – the kids love her.

    Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories for me, Lois! It’s my bed-time now and I’ll go to bed smiling!

    Hope you’re all settling into the school routine again – and that everyone is recovered and well now.


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