First Day of School

Thursday was the first day of school for the girls. They were so excited, and I guess I was, too, given that I woke up at 4AM and never went back to sleep! (which is becoming a bad habit, I might add)

After getting dressed and ready with surprising speed (and why is it that it’s always so stinkin’ easy that first week or so of school? And then they turn into sloths and can’t move faster than –23 miles per hour?) the girls came downstairs to enjoy some bacon, eggs and cheese sandwiches.

Then it was picture time:

IMG_0694 IMG_0697IMG_0699 IMG_0698

Oh my gosh, they are getting so big!!

And then we were off to school:

IMG_0693 IMAG0068

(those are from open house the other day)

I was surprised that the girls asked me to walk them in to their classrooms, but I was very happy to do so.  They were so cute trying to look all grown up and yet holding on to my hand so tightly.

I know I won’t have many more years of that first-day-of-school walk-in honor… probably only a couple, actually, so it was really special this morning.

Then, I headed home and got busy with work – in a surprisingly quiet house!!

The pups and I picked the girls up from school (Sydney was a maniac and ended up in the front seat looking (and barking) at all the teachers and kids as she tried to spot her girls)  The kids were thrilled to see the pups and asked me to bring them every day (I”m not so sure about that!) when I pick them up.

After that, it was snacks, homework (yes, even on the first day of school) and some down-time with the TV.  Little Bit crashed early and Big Girl wasn’t far behind (nor was I, having finally “hit the wall” from my early rising)

One day down… and, oh, about two hundred more to go!

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