Project Life Tuesday ~ 26 July

Moving in slow motion today… I was up most of the night last night, in spite of taking Benadryl for allergies, because of a nasty stomach bug that decided to attack. I think there can’t be much worse than being so groggy from Benadryl and yet so sick that you can’t possibly sleep. I tried the sofa upstairs, the sofa downstairs, the bed (but was afraid to wake SuperMan with my tossing & turning) and finally ended up in my rocking chair/recliner with a heating pad on my tummy until SuperMan got up for work.  I didn’t really fall asleep until around 4:30 this morning.

So, out the window goes the plans for most of my productivity today. I’m keeping expectations low and plans simple.  Put dinner in the crock pot – a comforting beef vegetable soup – and have stuck to simple foods and protein shakes for my meals so far today. Let’s let sleeping dogs lie, you know what I mean?

I decided to make a digital scrapbook page with my Project Life pictures this week. I’m determined to finally learn Photoshop and I know I won't do that until I actually use it. It is hard, because I am so proficient in the Creative Memories software and my inclination is to just open that and go when I feel like scrapbooking. But I want to learn and utilize the power of Photoshop, so I know I have to be patient with my slowness at first or else I will never become proficient.

Here’s my page today:


The journaling reads:

1. Pinky Cat hanging out on the sidewalk at Mom’s house.
2. Brunswick stew at my favorite local Savannah restaurant – Carey Hilliards. We make a “pilgrimage” every time we go to Savannah to get our fix for fried shrimp and bbq.
3. Sweet Little Bit’s birthday
4. Big Girl “babysitting” the neighbor’s little chunk of love.
5. Playing scrabble & drinking (root) beer
6. More scrabblers
7. Mom’s yummy breakfast – cheese grits, bacon, maple sausage & eggs.
8. Pucker up, baby.
9. A snack on the road home – cheese dip at Taco Mac.
10. Little Bit the scientist with her new microscope.
11. One last birthday celebration at Rice Restaurant on Friday night.
12. Clean puppy after her weekly bath.

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5 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday ~ 26 July

  1. Shelly, just trying to learn Photoshop – not leaving SBC+ behind. I just own it and feel like I ought to use it. Also, there are some photo editing things you can do in PS that I haven’t figured out how to do in SBC+ (like using layered images on photos – like frames) – Well, let me restate that. I can do it in SBC+ but not Memory Manager and I don’t want to create a scrapbook page just to edit a picture with a frame or overlay… do you know how to do this in MM?


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